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Stressed at the meeting of the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination:

Three branches’ cooperation essential for solving people’s problems/Formation of a board to confront US psychological war/Supporting stock exchange, production essential

The meeting of the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination was held on Tuesday morning chaired by President Rouhani with heads of the other two branches taking part.

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Tue 19 - June 2018 - 14:51

In the meeting that was held based on the Supreme Leader’s guidelines aimed at more coordination among the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches, the members of the council discussed ways of solving people’s economic problems.

The issues that were discussed were related to employment, investment security, private sectors, privatization, the banking system and economic conditions after the United States’ unilateral withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

Stressing more coordination between the branches, the members also referred to people’s concerns about the current situation in the market and agreed to hold the meetings more regularly.

The Council also discussed the United States’ psychological war and negative propaganda aimed at killing hope in people, deciding to form a board in cooperation with state media IRIB to counter these measures.

the Supreme Council of Economic Coordination also reiterated that people’s basic needs will be easily provided to them and required the respective organs to take swift steps in this regard.

It was also emphasised by the council that the government’s economic board cooperate with economic experts to find ways to encourage people to approach effective economic activities such as investing in the stock exchange.

During the meeting, the Plan and Budget Organisation was required to hand in unfinished projects of the government to the private sector for finalisation.

news id: 104910

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