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President in a phone call with Qatari Emir:

No obstacle for developing ties; Tehran to still stand by Doha/Iran's policy to have interaction, dialogue for ending regional disputes/No military solution for Yemeni crisis

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomed development of relations between Tehran and Doha and stressed that there is no obstacle on the way of development of relations with the friend and brother country of Qatar and that Tehran will still stand by Doha.

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Mon 18 - June 2018 - 15:33

In the conversation that took place on Monday through telephone, Dr Hassan Rouhani congratulated Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani on Eid al-Fitr and expressed hope that Tehran and Doha can take the best advantage of the opportunities for fostering business and economic relations.

He also went on to praise the Qatari government and people's resistance against pressures, threats and unjust siege and said: "The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that the imposed siege on Qatar is unjust, leading to more division and tension among the countries of the region and will do its best to help and cooperate with the Qatari government and people, and contribute to regional stability".

Stressing that Tehran's policy is to interact and negotiate with the countries of the region to end the disputes to establish stability and security in the entire region, he added: "We consider adventurous policies of some countries in the region incorrect and believe that the continuation of this process will undoubtedly deteriorates the situation, including in Palestine, Syria and Yemen".

"Today, the people of Palestine, especially the residents of Gaza, are under a lot of pressure and are attacked by the usurper Zionist Regime every day, and Muslims collectively supporting them can help alleviate their pains," continued the President

Dr Rouhani also emphasised that the Yemeni crisis has no military solution and all countries must help establish stability and security in the country and the region, describing the recent invasion on Al-Hudaydah Port as causing human catastrophe in Yemen.

He said: "Continuation of these conflicts puts the poor people of Yemen under tremendous pressure and it is everybody's duty to help these oppressed people".

He also emphasised regional consultations between the two countries and strengthening of bases of cooperation and collaboration to serve common interests.

At the phone call, the Emir of Qatar also felicitated Eid al-Fitr to the Iranian nation and government and said: "Long-standing relations between Iran and Qatar are developing on a daily basis and we are determined to further deepen these relations in all fields of mutual interest and I will personally follow up on the process of this development".

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani went on to praise the Iranian government and nation's stances on the issue of the siege of Qatar and said: "We believe that all disputes in the region can only be possible through dialogue and no country can impose its views on other countries".

Qatar supports the Palestinian nation, he said, adding: "We support the Palestinian people's resistance and will continue this policy".

He also wished Iran national football team's success in the World Cup.

news id: 104902

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