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President at a meeting for managing recent market fluctuations:

Providing people's basic needs a priority for gov't/Consumers mustn't pay for profit-seeking of some/Sustainable growth in production depends on normal profit/Public supervision, guilds, economy-media coordination essential

President Hassan Rouhani chaired the meeting on managing recent market fluctuations and said: "People should be sure that production or provision of required goods for the society and solving any issue in production sectors are government's priority".

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Mon 18 - June 2018 - 13:42

At the meeting that was held on Monday, the President added: "As the government provides the required services and foreign currency for basic needs, the consumer must not pay for the profit-seeking of some".

The basis of increasing the price of goods and services must not go beyond inflation rate, said the president adding: "It is not acceptable that some take 42000-rial dollars from the government and sell goods in the market with a high price".

"Controlling production, distribution and the price of people's everyday needs are top priority for the government and related organs," continued Rouhani adding: "Supplying goods by producers and importers must happen with a desirable speed and all factors contributing to the delay in the supply process must be eliminated".

"Sustainable growth in the production sector depends on the sector's normal profit in developing its market," added Dr Rouhani.

He continued: "People mustn't be put under pressure under any circumstances, especially for providing their basic goods and the goods that are produced inside the country".

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say: "The government will not let some abuse the market of people's basic needs and if there are some who are thinking about effortless profit must prepare for decisive tax measures".

He also emphasised that public supervision, guilds and economic sector-media coordination are essential for eliminating the fluctuations in the market.

news id: 104896

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