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President in a meeting with the press and media:

Despair means surrendering to enemies/Losing hope of ballot box means moving towards enemies/We accept criticism, but defamation means giving people wrong address, killing hope in them/Media, press people’s trustees/We’re able to overcome enemies’ psychological war/All US leaders against our nation, this one more evil

President called for integrity in the media against the psychological war of the enemies and said: “Turbulence in the market has no economic reason and the media are at the forefront of fighting the enemies’ psychological war and we are able to overcome this war”.

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Wed 13 - June 2018 - 23:42

Speaking in a cordial meeting with the press and media late on Wednesday, President Hassan Rouhani said: “The media have a heavier responsibility today and I hope that this meeting serves as a good start for collective cooperation in consolidation of national interests”.

He also said that he has no worries about the future of the country, adding: “A concern that leads to firmer resolve, stronger decision and more powerful integrity for removing concerns is good”.

Slamming promotion of despair in the country, Dr Rouhani said: “Despair is the end of everything and if surrendering is bad for a nation, despair means surrendering to enemies”.

“Today, we are facing a new condition in the country,” he said, adding: “The recent figures of the Central Bank show that we have had 4.4 economic growth last year”.

He continued: “We reached a positive economic growth from a negative one; why should we lose our hope to the ballot box?”.

Stating that net employment rate has been 12,000 in years before the 11th government took office, and this rate increased to 800,000 people last year, the President added: “We used to import wheat and many of our needs, but it has been 3 years that we have had no need to import wheat”.

“Despite that issue we are facing regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and one of the signatories has pulled out of the deal, but we are happy that the Islamic Republic has acted in a way that today, all countries, except a handful of countries, are condemning the US and praising Iran, and this is unprecedented in that past 40 years”.

The President also went on to say: “We did not let war to be imposed on us and we did not bow to the enemy either”.

“For the first time in the history of the United Nations, Iran’s right to enrichment has been acknowledged. Of course, the right to peaceful use of nuclear energy belongs to all countries but the UNSC has not given this right to any country so far and has acknowledged this right only for the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

Dr Rouhani went on to say: “In diesel production, we have achieved self-sufficiency and in petrol production we will achieve self-sufficiency by the end of the year”.

He added: “Despite all pressures, we have increased people’s access to the cyberspace,”.

 “We have never lost our hope and today, despite all heavy pressures, we are not unhopeful of the future of the country and the people, but rather we are hopeful of the future,” he continued.

The President continued: “Today, our main problem is not economic, cultural and security, but the main problem is psychological war. The biggest grief for a nation is when foreign media are their reference,”

“It is true that all governments of the United States have been the enemy of the Iranian nation since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, but enmity has a limit and framework. All US governments have been the enemy of the Iranian nation but the current President is worst and more evil, having more ominous plots than the other governments”.

He also went on to say: “Figures show that the production of cars and gold coins, as well as foreign currency in the country have enjoyed a good growth compared to last year and the turbulence that we are witnessing in the market these days, stem from psychological war more than being based on reality”.

news id: 104858

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