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President in a meeting with charity organisation clients:

Gov’t considers backing dear clients of charity foundations a human, Islamic, legal duty/3-fold boost in helping clients means gov’t willpower; this path to continue/Encouraging NGOs to take responsibility for relief clients important

Stressing that the government considers supporting the dear clients of charity organisations as its human, Islamic and legal duty, President Hassan Rouhani said: “Today, charity organisations and institutions, the government and donors must join hands to create an atmosphere in the society to give hope to the children of this society”.

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Tue 12 - June 2018 - 23:57

President Rouhani met with the clients of State Welfare Organisation of Iran and Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation in a cordial meeting and said: “It is very satisfying that a number of elite and educated people of our society were among the children under the support of these charity organisations and this indicates that the required talent for growth and prosperity exists in these dear clients”.

“Our duty is to do something that the society feels safe and just and in doing so, everyone must join hands,” he said, adding: “Everybody must feel that in our Muslim society, we care about our kind and the deprived”.

“Today, in the education system, there is a relative justice and rural and urban students are provided with classrooms. This is important because all progress and transcendence begins from schools and classrooms,” added Dr Rouhani.

He then referred to the work done in the field of healthcare and medicine and supplying people’s basic needs, including gas supply to all rural areas, saying: “By the end of the 12th government, gas supply to all villages will be finalised”.

Being orphan does not mean that human will see less progress in their lives, he said, adding: “The highest man in the history and the future is the Great Prophet (PBUH), who lost his parents when he was a child, but His Holiness achieved the highest position in human history”.

Dr Rouhani went on to emphasise the importance of encouraging NGOs for taking responsibility of children in charity organisations and said: “These organisations can well fill the kindness and deficiencies that these children may have”.

 “One of the greatest goals of the 11th and 12th governments was to take great care of these children and root out absolute poverty in the society. The fact that the help to these dear children have increased three-fold means that the government has this willpower and we must continue this path,” continued the President.

news id: 104839

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