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In a one-hour phone call;

Dr Rouhani, Macron discuss bilateral, regional issues, nuclear deal

Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and France spoke on phone and discussed bilateral and regional subjects, as well as the nuclear deal, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

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Tue 12 - June 2018 - 21:31

 In the phone call with President Emmanuel Macron of France on Tuesday evening, Dr Hassan Rouhani expressed satisfaction over the stances of Europe, particularly France, on maintaining the nuclear dal and said that the remarks and statements must be accompanied by practical and tangible measures and solutions to compensate for Iran’s interests in the deal.

Referring to the limited time to offer practical solutions and underscoring that “We must not let this great achievement of diplomacy to be destroyed by others’ unilateral actions unfaithful of their vows,” he said: “If Iran cannot benefit from the privileges of this agreement, remaining in it will not be possible”.

He also expressed hope that efforts of the 5 countries and the EU alongside Iran would be effective and successful.

On Syria and Iran’s advisory presence in Syria, the President said that unlike some countries’ illegal military presence in Syria, Iran is in the country at the official invitation of that country to fight terrorism, expressing hope that with the joint efforts of pro-government forces and the Syrian people, terrorism will be eradicated from the country and that there would be no need for foreign military presence.

Dr Rouhani went on to refer to the good progress made in drafting the new constitution of Syria, and welcomed continuation of consultation between Iran and France to establish stability and peace in the country.

President of France reiterated Paris’ commitment to the JCPOA and stressed that France is doing whatever it can to keep the deal in action, stating that a series of measures and practical solutions would be taken to compensate Iran’s benefit from the deal.

Macron also said that all the parties to the deal must try to keep it and must not make an even tiny mistake, giving a golden opportunity to those who want to destroy the deal.

The two Presidents also emphasised continuation of consultation between the two countries in bilateral and regional issues.

news id: 104834

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