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President in a meeting with his Chinese counterpart:

Tehran, Beijing determined to continue strategic cooperation in all fields/Trade by national currencies deepens economic ties/Beijing has key role in JCPOA’s firmness, signatories’ commitment

Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the People’s Republic of China stressed that the two governments are determined to continue strategic cooperation in all fields and they are determined to further deepen these relations.

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Sun 10 - June 2018 - 20:15

President Hassan Rouhani attended the meeting of high-ranking Iranian and Chinese delegations late on Sunday in China and appreciated the Chinese government’s warm hospitality and told President Xi Jinping: “Your 2016 visit to Tehran was a new turning point in relations between the two countries”.

Stating that during the past years, China has been Iran’s first trade partner, Dr Rouhani added: “Trade by the national currencies of the two countries can help continue this trend and development of banking cooperation is the greatest support for implementation of agreements between the two countries”.

“The two countries have very important projects and strategic cooperation in the fields of energy, transportation and industry and it is essential that these projects and cooperation gain momentum within the framework of the joint commission of the two countries,” continued the President.

He also referred to China’s important and effective role in the nuclear deal and said: “This time, Beijing has an equally effective role in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)’s firmness and other signatories’ commitment to it”.

Dr Rouhani went on to emphasise finalisation of Arak heavy water reactor based on the JCPOA.

Underscoring that Iran welcomes Chinese companies’ investment in upstream energy fields, he continued: “The two countries’ cooperation in the field of fighting terrorism, extremism and smuggling is effective in regional stability and this cooperation must continue”.

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also referred to cultural, scientific and technological cooperation and expressed hope that the Chinese government provide the necessary facilities, including in banking affairs, for Iranian businesspeople and students.

During the same meeting, President Xi Jinping of China mentioned Iran’s effective role in Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) and said: “Iran’s effective presence in SCO increases its international effectiveness”.

Stressing that Beijing is determined to continue its strategic cooperation with Tehran in all fields, he described the JCPOA as a great multilateral achievement, guaranteeing regional peace and cooperation, adding: “With their unilateral spirit and disregard of commitments and regulations, Americans are seeking to change international order to their own benefit”.

“China is decisively against the United States’ unilateral move in withdrawing from the JCPOA and imposing new sanctions, and believes that all sides to the agreement must live up to their commitments,” continued Xi.

“We are determined to cement economic relations with Iran,” continued the President of China, adding: “China’s participation in the project of constructing express Tehran-Isfahan railway is at its implementation phase and we hope that Tehran-Mashhad route will also start soon”.

He also said that China is committed to its commitments made in the JCPOA to improve Arak reactor, adding: “Cooperation between the two countries in fighting terrorism and drugs, as well as technical and education in defence fields will continue”.

news id: 104800

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