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Dr Rouhani in a message to 11th World Zoroastrian Congress:

Today’s world in need of moral teachings, including Zoroaster’s teachings more than ever/We must value our common roots

President Rouhani sent a message to 11th World Zoroastrian Congress and stressed that, “Today’s world is in need of moral teachings, including Zoroaster’s teachings more than ever”.

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Sat 02 - June 2018 - 15:04

President Hassan Rouhani’s message is as follows:

In the Name of God

I sincerely congratulate the 11th Zoroastrian World Congress and wish all the enthusiastic participants and hard-working hosts success. The meeting of the followers of the great Zoroaster, who spread monotheism in the world, is an honour for Iranians. Iran is the birthplace of Zoroaster, the messenger of the good, and the first land of Zoroastrians, and the continued presence of Zoroastrian religion in Iran has had a significant impact on the followers of the divine religion in culture and civilisation. Iranians follow the unique God, and Zoroastrianism is also a divine religion whose roots are firmly established with Islam and other monotheistic religions.

Today’s world is in need of moral teachings, including Zoroaster’s teachings more than ever. “Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds” is a doctrine that the world needs to pay attention to today. This doctrine points out that our behaviour is influenced by our thinking, and first we must improve our thinking and thought, because it is only through Good Thoughts that one can have Good Words and Good Deeds.

Zoroaster, the messenger of purity and truth, always emphasises that we must avoid evil and impurities, so that our lives are full of good. This doctrine has been emphasised throughout the history of this land and has somehow established the essence of Iranian thought and philosophy, and it is this same philosophy that has later evolved from the perspective of various scholars from Suhrawardi and Avicenna to Hafez and Rumi. As a result, Iranian culture has been intertwined with Zoroastrian teachings and thoughts, and gallantry and purity are among the characteristics of all Iranians of every ethnicity. We should be grateful for these common roots that bind us together and shape our behaviour.

I hope that such gatherings can convey the message of this great religion to the whole world. In the end, I would like to salute all Zoroastrians of the world, especially the Persian people of India, and wish them all good fortune and happiness.

Dr Hassan Rouhani

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran

news id: 104688

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