All organs, civil institutions’ cooperation, coordination to serve people key to development/ Implementing urban, public transportation renewal projects important

President Rouhani met with new Mayor of Tehran and described cooperation and coordination among all organs and civil institutions essential for serving people and stressed that the government would support Tehran Municipality’s developmental projects.

Sat 26 - May 2018 - 18:04

In the meeting with the new Mayor of Tehran Mohammad Ali Afshani on Saturday, Dr Hassan Rouhani expressed congratulations to him on his new responsibility and said: “It is essential that along with systematic efforts to make sustainable earnings in Tehran, more effort be exerted to increase urban standards and improve citizens’ living quality”.

The President also underscored the importance of cooperation on quicker implementation of urban renewal projects, as well as renewal of public transportation.

President Rouhani and Mayor Afshani also discussed other issues, such as public areas, the environment, waste management, rail transportation, protecting gardens and municipality’s financial resources.

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