Closer cooperation between 3 branches in solving economic issues gives people hope/Tasking council secretariat to provide specific suggestions for cooperation among branches

The first meeting of the Supreme Economic Coordination Council of the Three Branches was held on Saturday morning chaired by President Rouhani, with heads of Judicial and Legislative branches taking part.

Sat 26 - May 2018 - 18:01

At the meeting, which First Vice President, members of government’s economic board, First Deputy Chief of the Judiciary, Attorney General, heads of Parliamentary Plan and Budget Committees and head of Parliament’s Research Centre were taking part, a report was given on the latest economic conditions of the country.

President Hassan Rouhani, who was chairing the meeting, referred to Supreme Leader’s wisdom for holding the meeting and underlined the importance of cooperation among the three branches to resolve economic issues of the country, saying: “Closer cooperation between the three branches in resolving people’s economic issues can increase the speed of achieving our country’s developmental goals and boost people’s hope”.

The President also tasked the secretariat of the council to provide specific suggestions for cooperation among branches and taking decisions for managing the new economic conditions of the country by putting them on the agenda of the coming meetings.


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