Leader always guided gov’t in all decisions/Country to be run well with or without JCPOA/If the 5 states guarantee our interests, JCPOA will stay in place without US/Recent US actions made Iranian nation more united/No power can bring this nation to its knees while they’re united behind Supreme Leader

President Rouhani attended the meeting of authorities and officials with the Supreme Leader and said: “During the past 40 years, people have passed their test well and have defended the state, country and national interests in all ups and downs”.

Thu 24 - May 2018 - 10:21

Referring to people’s resistance against foreign powers in recent years, President Hassan Rouhani said late on Wednesday: “What US leaders are saying today is not new to Iranian people, because these words belong to 40 years ago”.

“Except an illegitimate regime and a few small countries, all countries throughout the world have showed objection to US’ withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and this is a victory for Iran in political and legal stages,” continued the President.

He also stressed that the Supreme Leader have guided the government in all its decisions, saying: “Today, we are negotiating with the other five countries party to the deal. Although they say they are committed to the JCPOA in words and political announcement, but we must see how they act”.

Dr Rouhani also announced that he would meet with leaders of China and Russia and contact the other three European countries in the coming weeks, saying: “If these five countries can guarantee our interests, especially economic interests, in the JCPOA, the deal will continue to be implemented without the United States, or else, we will take the necessary decisions and our country will be run perfectly with or without the US”.

The recent US actions have made the Iranian nation more united, he said, adding: “We have no doubt that while the Iranian nation are united behind the Supreme Leader of the Revolution, no power can bring this nation to its knees”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also mentioned US sanctions against Iran in 2011 and 2012, saying: “Today, international conditions are also different, and the United States is in isolation, and the Islamic Republic of Iran is recognised as the country of law and peace and the country that keeps its promises and is praised by the public opinion of the world”.

“In the first two months of year 1397, non-oil income has increased 28.5 per cent compared to the same period last year,” Dr Rouhani continued, saying: “In this period, inflation rate has been single-digit and the capital market has increased around three times compared to year 1392”.

Stating that the country is self-sufficient in diesel production and will become self-sufficient in petrol production by the end of the current year, he said: “Sanctions and pressures will not have any impact on our plans for 1397 and the next years”.

On foreign exchange rates, the President said: “Maybe Americans thought that the Achilles heel of our country was foreign currency and turmoil in the exchange market, but we predicted this from months ago, therefore we made the necessary planning for any conditions even without the JCPOA and people’s required foreign currency needs will be met in any conditions”.

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