Priorities for granting loan identified by National Development Fund / Approval NDFI's 1397 budget

A meeting of the Board of Trustees of National Development Fund of Iran (NDFI) was held on Wednesday chaired by President Hassan Rouhani.

Wed 23 - May 2018 - 15:28

The members of the Board of Trustees of the National Development Fund discussed the goals and plans of the fund in pursuit of the slogan of the year and the support of Iranian goods and its ways of implementation.

The board discussed granting facilities to car manufacturing factories, for completion of the Persian Gulf Star Refinery" and "Plans for development of livestock units, development and completion of red and white meat, and milk production chain, as well as plant cultivation" among others.

It was also decided that the National Development Fund invest through banks in the capital market stabilization in order to protect investment in the capital market.

During this meeting, the financial statements of year 1394 and the National Development Fund budget for 1397 were approved by the Board of Trustees.

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