Ramadan the month of training for humanity, practicing patience/All problems solvable by giving hope to society/Showing world that Islam doesn’t stop women from having role in society is promoting Islam/Iranian nation not afraid of threats, greater than Washington’s extremists/Mr Trump! This nation will be victorious against you

President Rouhani met with athletes on Tuesday evening in a cordial atmosphere and said: “Our country’s athletes have always generated hope for the Iranian nation and the young”.

Tue 22 - May 2018 - 21:58

“If the society has hope and vitality, all problems can be resolved,” said President Hassan Rouhani, adding: “Above athletes and their coaches’ hard work, what is important is believing in victory and championship”.

He also said: “If we believe that it is our right to stand on the podium at world championships, we will succeed in that goal because training, practice and hard work are followed by victory”.

Referring to Iran football national team’s participation in the world cup, Dr Rouhani added: “It is not important what team we are going to play against in World Cup, but rather we must believe that we are able to win”.

Stating that “we must practice, take action, tolerate and be patient,” the President said: “Ramadan is the best opportunity to practice these qualities”.

He also said: “You athletes are very effective in generating hope and vitality in the country. Sometimes one game gives people spirits and hope for hours, days or even months”.

The President also went on to express happiness that women are active in sports, saying: “All honours that we have achieved are indebted to tireless efforts of mothers who have trained us and helped us to choose the best path in the course of our lives”.

“If we want to introduce Islam to the world, is it better to say that our girls do not have the permission to take part in sport events, or is it better to say that our girls and women participate in various sport events and gain success while observing all religious principles?,” he continued.

He continued: “The government is beside you athletes, and as the President and representative of the people of this country, we are beside you and I want you to stand by the Iranian nation with all your heart”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said: “The Iranian nation is not afraid of empty threats and is so much greater than Trump, Pompeo, Bolton and all these people who have gathered in Washington as extremists. The Iranian nation have been victorious in all periods of history and I want to say it here, Mr Trump! This nation will be victorious against you”.

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