Your good play promotes national pride, Iran’s name/Any time President’s help was required in sport, it’s been given quickly/Your will more powerful than anything else; don’t think about what team you are playing against

President appreciated all people working for Iran national football team’s success and called on all members and coaching staff of the team to do their best for victory and making people happy.

Sun 20 - May 2018 - 20:04

Speaking in a meeting with officials of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs and Football Federation, members, players and coaching staff of national team on Sunday, President Hassan Rouhani said: “With regard to your training, efforts and high spirits, victory and success is not out of reach”.

The President also said: “Victory does not mean being victorious against only one team and scoring or conceding a goal; these are not the only factors of success. A team may win a match but the other team’s play be considered a real victory and success for its viewers”.

Stating that “your good play is very important”, Dr Rouhani said: “Billions of people will watch your games as the representative of a great country with high culture and ancient history and your good game is one of the features that can promote our national pride and make Iran’s name more famous”.

“Prayers of the great people of Iran will always be with you and they want you to do your best,” continued Rouhani.

He added: “Do not pay much attention to what team you are playing against. Your will power is more powerful than any other factor. Try to exercise unity and take advantage of all your capabilities and experiences to bring honour for our country”.

“Among different sports, football is of a special place among all nations and peoples of the world; the day you started your football career, you knew what heavy responsibility you have and how much each success is effective in people’s spirits,” said the President.

He also added: “Once our country’s national football team’s qualification for World Cup was a wish and a great success but today, we see that Iran’s football team has powerfully gained qualification for World Cup and this has made Iranian nation very happy”.

Referring to the 11th and 12th government’s contributions to sport, he said: “Any time the sport sector of the country needed President’s help, it has been given quickly and I appreciate our hard-working minister of sports for his support and efforts”.

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