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President at cabinet session:

Ramadan month of brotherhood, helping the poor/Bayt al-Maqdis cannot be parted from world's 1.5bn Muslims/Some westerners use "legitimate self-defence" to justify Zionists' crimes/Expressing regret over Arab, Muslim countries' silence over Zionist crimes

President referred to the start of the holy month of Ramadan and said: "Ramadan is the month of more endurance, patience, resistance, unity and brotherhood and clearing hearts from all grudges and divisions".

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Wed 16 - May 2018 - 12:15

Congratulating the coming of the holy month of Ramadan, President Hassan Rouhani said in the meeting of the cabinet: "I hope we all can take the best advantage of Ramadan, which is full of divine blessings and pardon for all humankind".

Ramadan of this year has coincided with two important incidents, Rouhani said adding: "On the one hand, there are conditions in the region due to the United States authorities' imprudence in transferring the US embassy to Bayt al-Maqdis, which is against the past treaties and even UNSC resolutions, which will not contribute to peace and stability of the region".

"The Zionist Regime and the US think that they can put more pressure on the Palestinian people to deprive them of their own rights and separate the Muslims of the world from their own land, Bayt al-Maqdis. This is a grave mistake," continued the President.

He also said: "Muslims around the world consider Bayt al-Maqdis and Al-Aqsa Mosque their first qibla and it is respected by all Muslims. Therefore, this holy land cannot be separated from the 1.5 billion population of Muslims of the world by political games".

The people of Palestine will not tolerate such oppressions, he said, adding: "The people of Palestine have resisted for 70 years and will continue to do so until their legitimate rights are secured. The actions and deeds of the Zionist Regime have always been aggression, tyranny and killing of the innocent and in the recent days, these actions are clearer".

Deploring silence of Arab and Muslim countries over the crimes of the Zionists, the President added: "We are sorry that some Arab countries of the region are silent towards the recent crimes of the Zionists and some Islamic countries have simply turned a blind eye to these incidents, while legitimate self-defence is for the people and land that belongs to these people, not a land taken by usurpation,. Therefore, legitimate self-defence of Zionists in this land is meaningless".

"I have no doubt that such actions will make Palestinians more determined to resist and will prove it to the Muslims of the world that there is no way except unity, integrity, more pressure and helping the people of Palestine to liberate their lands, because the Zionist Regime is not a regime that is committed to morality and even international rules and regulations, only understanding the language of force," he continued.

Stating that the Islamic Republic of Iran will always defend the rights of the Palestinian people and will continue along this path, Dr Rouhani said: "Without a doubt, this year's Quds Day will be held more gloriously in Iran and other countries and the world will show the Zionist Regime and the White House leaders that they have chosen the wrong path and, God-willing, this will promote more unity and integrity in the World of Islam".

On the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the President said: "The Iranian nation have always stood up to the conspiracies of others, especially the United States, and have proved that they will not yield to pressure".

"In the nuclear issue, there are some on the other side of the deal who think that they can bring the Iranian nation to its knees through pressure, sanction, intimidation and showing signs of war, but the Iranian nation's resistance clearly proved that this way of thinking is incorrect," he added.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said: "From the first day in office, the 11th government believed that this issue has a technical and political solution and that we can reach a conclusion through respecting the rights of the Iranian people and political negotiation between countries".

On the achievements of the nuclear deal, the President said: "The first achievement was defending the rights of the Iranian nation. Based on the resolutions of the United Nations, Iran's enrichment was considered illegal, which we do not accept".

"The other achievement was removal of sanctions to serve national interests, which we might have achieved 80 per cent of what we wished but it is important that in interaction and negotiation with major western countries, including the US which has had hostility towards the Iranian nation, problems may arise. But if we compare JCPOA's existence and non-existence, it will become clear what Iranian nation has done," he continued.

The President added: "After the implementation of the JCPOA, the US unilaterally withdrew from it. Today, the US has violated international regulations and must be put under pressure".

Stating that everybody must be united against US pressure, Dr Rouhani continued: "These years are very different from the past years because today, except one or two small, reactive countries in the region and the Zionist Regime, nobody supports the US, and the entire world is on Iran's side".

"All international communities, including the IAEA and the UN explicitly announce that Iran has lived up to its commitments and the entire world emphasise that the US' action has been against international regulations," added Rouhani.

Saying that the US government is in isolation, he also said: "The Iranophobia that they were trying to promote and they had convinced the world that Iran was a threat, has not been replaced by Trumpophobia and Iran is not in a position that the whole world respects it".

"After the US withdrew from a very important multilateral and international agreement without a reason and logic, there is an opportunity for 5 countries that were party to the deal to cooperate with Iran, and we will stay in the JCPOA if our interests are guaranteed," the President said.

Dr Rouhani added: "Trump's plan was to announce that he would withdraw from the deal and predicted that the next morning Iran would announce that it would also withdraw from the agreement and that the IAEA would report that Iran has withdrawn from the deal and the next day the UN resolutions would come back and Iran would be subjected to sanctions again".

He also said: "For now, what is important is that all 5 countries party to the JCPOA will do their best to guarantee Iran's interests in the deal".

news id: 104410

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