Managing currency market to limit smuggling/Closer interaction with Central Asia, Caucasus a top policy/Free trade with Eurasia in final stages/Criticism people's right

In a press conference at the end of his Khorasan Razavi visit, President Hassan Rouhani said: "In this visit, projects with 4 billion tomans of credit started operation and projects with 799 billion tomans of credit started".

Mon 07 - May 2018 - 15:19

He said on Monday: "Khorasan Razavi province is not just the hub of tourism or science, culture and agriculture, but it was revealed that it is a very important industrial hub too".

"Today, Iran is capable of producing 200 million tonnes of steel a year. Development of this industry in Khorasan Razavi directly depends on the capacity of water supply in this province," he continued.

On tourism, he said: "Around 30 million pilgrims visiting Mashhad is a very significant potential for tourism in Khorasan Razavi province".

"Khorasan Razavi is one of the main export routes of the country to the Central Asia and Caucasus and of course, it has a very good potential for transportation," added Rouhani.

He also stated that free trade with Eurasia is in final stages, saying: "Having closer integration with Eurasia is a top priority Iran's policy".

Stating that criticism is people's right, the President added: "People must be told the truth and services must be clearly explained to people".

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