Serving people needs facilitating their affairs/Iranian people vigilant, revolutionary/Today's world is the world of speed, communications/Any Iranian good, including messaging apps must be backed; not by  pressure, blocking/We want constructive interaction, but won't succumb to pressure by any power

President said that serving people is dependent on facilitating their affairs, adding: "The people of Iran are revolutionary and vigilant and do not accept pressure and if we all stand together, we will progress".

Sun 06 - May 2018 - 18:22

Addressing large gathering of people in Nishabur on Sunday, Dr Hassan Rouhani also said: "We are determined to implement all the plans and promises of the government made to the people of Khorasan Razavi province".

He also said: "We are determined to implement all the plans and promises of the government made to the people of Khorasan Razavi province".

Stating that "Our great, rich Iran has good relations with its neighbours," the President added: "We want good relations with the world".

"In the year 96, we promised to the people that we will not retreat from the path of the development of our country," he continued.

Dr Rouhani also said: "We must persuade people before doing anything," adding that "People run the economy better than government officials".

"The opening of the Khorasan Steel Complex showed that the province is ready to become an industrial hub of the country," added the President.

He also continued that "We are among the world's top exporters of steel to the world and Europe," saying: "We are ready for a leap in industry, tourism and knowledge-based companies".

Posing the question of "Is it possible to generate employment for young people in today's world today without cyberspace?" Rouhani said: "We are attempting to take high-speed Internet to all villages; but some enjoy low-speed Internet!".

The way to eliminate corruption is through making people and the young aware, he continued, adding: "People should be aware of everything and the government must provide them with information".

Stating that "We should be happy with the young generation's criticism about the affairs of the country," the President said: "The success of any action depends on people's support".

Emphasising that "Information is the right of all citizens," he continued: "200,000 jobs and an important part of social communications are in cyberspace".

"Today we have great opportunities, and if we don't tap them, we will fall behind the East and the West ," continued Rouhani.

He also went on to say: "We need to strengthen our industrial strength and knowledge, and we will not achieve our goals through isolation from the world".

The President also added: "What prevents us from acquiring nuclear weapons is Islam and morality and it has nothing to do with the will of world powers".

He continued: "We are not seeking to threaten the world and the region, and no one can threaten the Iranian nation".

Saying that "The 12th government stands against pressures," he added: "Considering the shortage of water resources, let's think about transformation of agriculture and resource consumption".

"124,000 jobs were created last year in Khorasan Razavi," continued the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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