If Europe wishes to satisfy Trump, it should spend out of its own pocket, not Iran's/Now US is on trial because it hasn't lived up to its commitments/Not a single sentence to be added or removed from JCPOA

Stressing that, "Not a single sentence will be added or removed from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)," President said: "Currently, the United States is on trial, because it hasn't lived up to its commitments and if Europe wants to satisfy Trump, it better spend out of its own pocket, not Iran's".

Wed 25 - April 2018 - 14:14

Speaking in a press conference at the end of his East Azerbaijan visit on Wednesday, Dr Hassan Rouhani said: "The result of US' presence in the region is merely insecurity. Trump telling Arabs "Give me money to stay alive" is a belittling the people of the World of Islam".

Explaining the achievements of the visit, President said: "Opening 3 trillion tomans of projects and kicking off projects with around 6 trillion tomans shows that the province is on the way to development and the government fully supports this process".

"In this visit, excellent projects in the field of health and several projects in industry, tourism and agriculture have started and this indicates the high capacities of this province in these fields," he added.

The President also went on to say: "Out of 23 projects that had been approved to be carried out in this province during my last visit, 18 have been fully put to operation and 5 others have had around 60 percent physical progress".

One of the main priorities in East Azerbaijan province is the railway project, said Rouhani adding: "One of the main priorities of the government is the completion of railways throughout the country and this year, good steps have been taken in this regard".

"The government is fully committed to finalisation of railways in the country, because they are of high importance for our country politically, economically and in transit," he continued.

He also referred to Tabriz' selection as the Tourism Capital of the World of Islam and said: "The beautiful and historical city of Tabriz enjoys the potential to be the centre of tourism of the world".

Mentioning his unannounced visit to Tabriz shoe market, he said: "The government is fully committed to supporting industries such as shoe and we consider ourselves as the supporter of this industry".

Answering a question on the government's plans for supporting Iranian goods, the President said: "To support Iranian products and goods, all organs must join hands and help to witness a good development in the country and the government is determined to take big steps in this regard".

"The real private sector can advance our economy and create competitiveness in regional and international markets," Dr Rouhani added, saying that the government is very serious in supporting this sector.

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