Iran proud of Azerbaijan/Foreign currency stability essential for market stability/If US stands against JCPOA nobody blames Iran/No way except free business atmosphere, providing funding, technology, competitiveness

President said that Iran is proud of Azerbaijan and the people of East Azerbaijan have always supported the government and the state, stressing: "Unity among authorities has brought about peace and development for the province".

Tue 24 - April 2018 - 23:57

Speaking at the meeting of the Administrative Council of East Azerbaijan province on Tuesday, Dr Hassan Rouhani said: "The basis of economy is investment and handing over affairs to people".

He also said that people's economic, social and cultural needs must be kept balanced and said: "Investment security and the private sector's active role are the axes of development and progress".

Stating that extraction of oil resources by using modern technology of the world can increase, the President said: "We have excellent talents in knowledge-based companies that must be tapped".

"Today, many major countries of the world like China have gained a lot of profit because of attracting investment and have achieved many great achievements," continued the President.

He also said that a part of the country's problems come from outside the borders and we are aware of this, adding: "We want to have constructive interaction with the world but if they don't what are we to do?"

The President also said: "Today, countries like the United States are standing against us and they are attempting to have an impact on our economic and social conditions, an instance of which is the game the President of this country has started against Iran in recent months; the tone of which has changed today".

Stating that Iran does not back off against bullying, he said: "Today, if the US stands against the nuclear deal, nobody blames Iran, because based on the IAEA's reports, Iran has completely fulfilled its commitments".

The Iranian nation are united and integrated before any action, Dr Rouhani added, saying: "If the US wants to exit the deal, the Iranian nation will be integrated and they also know that Iran has carried out its activities based on its commitments".

On the management of the foreign currency market, the President said: "The main domestic needs, whatever they are, will be met and services will be presented as much as possible".

In another part of his speech he said: "Every time there is a problem in any part of the country, all the people of Iran sacrifice themselves to solve that problem, but this does not mean that we have to forget our individual, regional, and ethnic identities".

Dr Rouhani stressed that regional, cultural, ethnic and racial identities are respected, but all are under the roof of Iran and Islam, and we must respect the culture, language and dialects, and added: "We must act in accordance with the constitution because the constitution is the yardstick and there is no way but to act based on it".

The president stated: "Our highest identity is us being Iranian and Muslims, which we will sacrifice our lives to save it, but at the same time we must respect each other so that we can maintain unity."

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