Deepening Tehran-Ankara bilateral, regional, int'l ties beneficial for both nations, peace, stability in region, world/Banking ties should be strengthened

President Rouhani stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran and Turkey enjoy ample historical and cultural commonalities and further deepening of bilateral, regional and international relations between the two countries beneficial for peace and stability in the region and the world.

Wed 18 - April 2018 - 18:45

Speaking with Turkish economy minister Nihat Zeybekci on Wednesday, Dr Hassan Rouhani said: "Fortunately in recent years, relations between the two countries have been developing in all fields of mutual interest and we should continue along this path to serve both nations' interests".

"Without a doubt, development of banking relations is very important for deepening of economic relations and ties between the private sectors," he continued.

On consultations between the two countries in various regional issues, Dr Rouhani added: "Continuation of consultation and coordination between the two countries in regional issues has an effective role in establishing sustainable peace and security in the region".

Turkish economy minister Nihat Zeybekci, who is in Iran as the head of a high-ranking economic delegation, said: "Turkey is determined to remove the obstacles on the path of further development of relations between the two countries and take major steps in deepening cooperation".

He added: "Turkey attaches great importance to deepening of relations and cooperation with Iran in all fields of mutual interest and intends to further cement these ties by laying out a road map".

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