Astana process, the three countries’ attempts led to the most success for fight against terrorism in Syria/Deepening ties with Turkey as a friend country important for Iran

President referred to the growing ties and relations between Iran and Turkey in various sectors and stressed the need to deepen bilateral, regional and international fields.

Wed 04 - April 2018 - 17:27

Dr Hassan Rouhani met with the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Wednesday in Ankara and appreciated him for hosing the tripartite summit of Iran, Russian and Turkey, saying: “The Astana process and the attempts by the three countries has led to the most success in the fight against terrorists in Syria and these efforts must continue until the Syrian people can live in peace in their country”.

The President added: “Development and strengthening of regional cooperation between Iran and Turkey in various fields, including the promotion of security, peace and stability in the countries of the region, especially Yemen, protecting the territorial integrity of the countries and preventing changes in geographical borders, confronting trans-regional intervention in internal affairs of the countries of the region and the all-out fight against terrorism will be very important and effective”.

Mentioning the importance of joint efforts by all Islamic countries of the region, especially Iran and Turkey in resolving the Palestinian issue, he continued: “The oppressed people of Palestine have the right to announce that they want to go back to their land, but they are slaughtered by the Zionist Regime”.

“Iran and Turkey must deepen their relations and cooperation in various fields, including border cooperation, fight against organised crimes, environment, tourism, fight against drugs, and customs and transit cooperation, as well as banking and energy and using national currency in business transactions,” Rouhani added.

Stressing the important role of baking relations, he said: “Cementing ties with Turkey, as a friend, neighbouring and Muslim country, is very important for the Islamic Republic of Iran”.

“Today, there are amply opportunities for investment in Iran and the businesspeople and investors of Turkey can take part and be active in them,” he added.

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan appreciated Iran’s participation in the Ankara Summit and said: “Iran’s attempts and efforts for better holding of the Ankara Summit indicates its interest and seriousness for promoting regional cooperation”.

He also stressed development of relations with Iran in all fields of mutual interest, saying: “The Supreme Council of Strategic Cooperation of Iran and Turkey will be held in Turkey soon”.

The President of Turkey described the cooperation between Iran and Turkey constructive and positive in resolving regional issues, especially the fight against terrorism and terrorist groups, and called for the development and strengthening of relations between the two countries in this regard.

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