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President in Tehran after visiting Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan:

Iran-Turkmenistan ties developing/We had 2 historic agreements with Azerbaijan/Caspian Sea strengthens Iran-Azerbaijan bonds

President referred to the good and growing relations with Turkmenistan and the Republic of Azerbaijan, and described cooperation in line with Tehran’s friendship with Ashgabat and Baku.

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Thu 29 - March 2018 - 21:42

Speaking at Mehrabad Airport upon arrival from his three-day visit to Turkmenistan and the Republic of Azerbaijan, President Hassan Rouhani said: “This visit was the first visit in year 1397 in the path of diplomacy with our neighbours and also Nowruz diplomacy”.

“In Turkmenistan, good agreements were made between the two sides and in oil and gas cooperation, there were issues that we had to discuss and negotiate to let us reach an appropriate framework in development of relations,” continued Rouhani.

He also said: “We agreed to have joint activities with Turkmenistan in Caspian Sea and have joint investment and production. Also, in the field of technical and engineering services, there are good opportunities in Turkmenistan and we discussed two projects for Iranian companies to participate in”.

The President also referred to the agreements made in the field of power and said: “It was also decided that the Iranian side implement the third line”.

“In general, the two countries’ relations are in the path of development and we had good agreements in economy, as well as cultural, political and regional issues,” he continued.

Dr Rouhani also referred to his visit to the Republic of Azerbaijan and said: “In this visit, two very important agreements were made, one of which was oil block in the Caspian Sea”.

He also said that the Caspian Sea strengthens the bonds between the two countries in friendship, economy and energy, saying: “The same points that the enemies wanted them to be the points of disagreement between the two countries are now the points of unity, cooperation and coordination”.

“With the connection of Rasht railway to Astara, in fact the southern waters will be connected to Azerbaijan, Caucasus, Russia and Georgia -the Black Sea-, and Turkey –the Mediterranean Sea, as well as Europe,” he continued.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran added: “In the field of power, which was discussed before, we agreed that Iran’s power be transferred to Azerbaijan and then Russia”.

He also referred to two projects that were opened in Azerbaijan, saying: “The car factory has the capacity of manufacturing 10,000 cars annually and it will reach the capacity of 50,000 cars in next phases”.

Dr Rouhani also mentioned other agreements that were made with the Republic of Azerbaijan in the field of health and pharmaceuticals, as well as banking relations and preferential trade.

“In this visit, we also discussed cultural and scientific issues, as well as regional issues such as Syria, Yemen and Iraq, and fortunately, we had identical views on these fields,” he added.

news id: 103710

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