Friendship, good neighbourliness, cementing brotherly ties with Turkmenistan important for Iran/Promoting Iran-Turkmenistan cooperation in transit, energy, power essential

Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Turkmenistan referred to the ample opportunities and potentials as essential for deepening inclusive relations between the two countries.

Tue 27 - March 2018 - 17:51

Speaking at the meeting of the high-ranking delegations of Iran and Turkmenistan on Tuesday, President Rouhani congratulated Nowruz and referred to historical and cultural ties between the two nations, adding: “Today, we are responsible to take the best advantage of all potentials and capacities for cementing Tehran-Ashgabat relations in all fields of mutual interest”.

On cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of Turkmenistan in different fields, especially energy, transit and transportation, Dr Rouhani added: “Beginning of the project of the third line of power transport from Iran to Turkmenistan, new cooperation in the field of oil and gas in Caspian Sea and providing loans for the development of transport between the two countries can be new steps in economic relations between the two countries”.

Stressing that Iranian road companies are ready to provide services to and carry out projects in Turkmenistan, he said: “It was decided that by removing the obstacles regarding parts, we soon witness bus export from Iran to Turkmenistan”.

On the need to establish close ties between border provinces of Iran and Turkmenistan, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran said: “Iran and Turkmenistan have ample cultural and historical commonalities, through taking advantage of which we must further grow cooperation in various fields such as science, research and technology, communications and tourism”.

He then referred to the importance of establishing direct Tehran-Ashgabat flight, saying: “Reopening of new Sarakhs Bridge and cooperation for the development of railway will be effective in this regard”.

The President also welcomed cooperation of Turkmen businesspeople in various projects in Iran, adding: “Friendship, good neighbourliness and cementing brotherly ties with Turkmenistan are very important for Iran”.

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow expressed happiness over President Rouhani’s visit to the country during Nowruz and said: “Relations between Iran and Turkmenistan have always been brotherly and amicable for many years”.

“Today, Tehran-Ashgabat relations in various political, economic, trade and cultural fields are at a high level,” he continued.

On close viewpoints in many regional and international fields, especially global peace and development, he said: “Relations between the two countries in international organisations, such as the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and economic cooperation have been positive and constructive and we always appreciate Iran’s support”.

He described Caspian Sea as the sea of peace and security and added: “Cooperation between Iran and Turkmenistan at the shores and waters of the Caspian, as well as special economic zones must further develop”.

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