Domestic, int'l developments discussed/Maintaining unity, integrity, addressing people's problems stressed by heads of branches/5 principles for backing Iranian goods stressed by branches

The first meeting of the heads of the three branches of the state in the new year was held with President Rouhani as the host.

Mon 26 - March 2018 - 10:09

At the meeting of the Head Judicial Branch Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani, Head of Legislative Branch Dr Ali Larijani, and Head of Executive Branch Dr Hassan Rouhani that was held on Monday, the most important domestic and international issues were discussed.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Dr Rouhani wished a happy new year for the great Iranian nation and said: "I am happy that the first meeting of the heads of the three branches was held in the first days of the new year".

On what was discussed regarding internal and international developments, he said: "The three braches underscored that today, unity and internal integrity is a must for us more than any other time, and solving the problems of people and dear workers and villagers were stressed".

Mentioning the naming of the new year as the year of national production, he said: "The government considers employment and fighting inflation as two important principles and this is what has been stressed in the budget bill presented to the Majlis".

"Helping domestic production, increasing quality and competitiveness, proper marketing in the region and the world for Iranian products, promoting the required culture in this field and also controlling undue import, especially fighting smuggling can be principles that can help our domestic production," the President added.

He also went on to say: "Of course, this year is a year that there are problems with regard to water shortage compared to last year, and we must attempt to save water and change agricultural patterns with more precise planning".

On regional issues that were discussed in the meeting, Dr Rouhani said: "Our relations with the countries of the region are very important for us in political, security and economic fields, therefore, in the beginning of the year, I will visit three countries of the region and we hope that in these visits, Iran's relations with neighbouring countries and these three countries will be stronger, letting us to solve the problems in the region and leading our region to more stability and security".

 "In the near future, a summit will be held in Turkey with the heads of state of Turkey, Russia and Iran taking part to discuss the future and security of Syria and humanistic issues in Syria, which I hope we can take steps in this regard and, basically, be able to have better relations with the region and the world," continued the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He continued: "The current developments of the world cannot negatively impact stability and security of our country, as well as production and unity, and the government, with the help of other two branches, will make the necessary plans for this year and the future of the country".

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