Eradicating poverty 12th Gov’t long-term plan/All branches must join hands to create atmosphere for attracting foreign, domestic investment/Domestic producers must produce high-quality, competitive-price goods

President Rouhani met with a number of ministers, managers and employees of executive organs on the first workday of year 1397 and said: “The reward of serving people is lasting and it is essential that the authorities take every chance to serve people more”.

Sun 25 - March 2018 - 16:39

Speaking in the meeting on Sunday, Dr Hassan Rouhani said: “In year 1396, God bestowed many achievements upon the people of Iran in domestic and international fields”.

He continued: “Controlling and maintaining the single-digit inflation rate, attempting to generate more jobs, and providing good conditions of investors and increasing non-oil goods export, along with establishing good economic relations with the world can make people feel more secure and peaceful”.

“In previous years, very good steps have been taken in various fields by the authorities with the help of the people and we witnessed an inclusive growth in all fields,” Dr Rouhani added.

He also went on to say: “For the first time after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the salary of the most deprived classes of the society have been increased threefold last year”.

Stressing that the government is working hard to eliminate absolute poverty in the country, he added: “This is the 12th government’s long-term plan”.

On the need to create better conditions for attracting foreign and domestic investment, Dr Rouhani added: “In this regard, all branches of the state must join hands to create better conditions”.

“Last year, the mean economic growth of the country was 4.7, and in the last four years, the mean economic growth was 4.8, which shows a twofold increase compared to the previous four-year term that was 2.3%,” he continued.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to refer to creation of 960,000 jobs in year 1396 as a record and said: “Of course, there are still many problems in employment and we must think of something for the 3 million unemployed people in the country”.

He also mentioned the Supreme Leader’s naming of the new year as the year of “Supporting Iranian Products”, adding: “It is our producers who must produce high-quality goods with a competitive price”.

On the good conditions for an economic boom, he said: “We must remove the obstacles and increase the quality of our products, but I emphasise that the main responsibility is on the shoulder of producers”.

“When people see that the authorities are not indifferent towards the problems of the country and are working hard to solve them, they will throw their support on them and will feel more satisfied,” the President added.

He also referred to the attempts by the government to fight drought, saying: “It is pretty obvious now that in year 1397 we will have more water problems, and we must make more attempts to find substitute methods in agriculture, industry and freshwater”.

“In the field of foreign policy, the Islamic Republic of Iran has had many significant successes. It is unprecedented in the history that Americans fail in the Security Council and the United Nations against Iran,” he continued, adding that the Americans had failed every time they tried to open a new case against Iran.

Pointing out that the International Atomic Energy Agency's repeated announcement of the Islamic Republic of Iran's commitment to its obligations is vitally important both morally and politically, the president said: "Americans have been struggling to harass us over the past 14 months, but today, the situation has changed and there is a lot of distance between the outcome of their work and what they have been trying to achieve”.

“It is for the first time after the victory of the Islamic Revolution that we disagree with the United States in a very important issue, and in spite of all the propaganda against the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the overwhelming majority of the countries of the world and the public opinion of the world believe that Iran is right, and this is a great success for foreign policy and the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he added.

He continued saying: “In the field of security and political affairs, very successful achievements were achieved in year 1396, in a way that relations with neighbouring countries and the region are better than before, and effective steps have been taken in the field of security”.

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