We’re committed to finalise permanent housing in villages as soon as possible/We must increase readiness for disasters, make stronger houses

The president visited the quake-hit Fattahbag village in Qasr-e-Shirin county of Kermanshah province on Tuesday, hours before the new year begins.

Tue 20 - March 2018 - 13:18

During the visit, Dr Hassan Rouhani met with the people of the area and talked with them in a cordial atmosphere and was briefed on the process of rebuilding the houses that have been hit by the earthquake.

The President visited people in their temporary housing containers and talked with them in cordial atmosphere about their needs and problems and issued the necessary instructions to deal with the shortcomings and problems as soon as possible.

Dr Rouhani addressed the people of the village, congratulating Nowruz and the beginning of the new year, saying: “The government and people of Iran sympathised with you in your sadness and suffering, and you did a great job against the earthquake with your patience and resistance”.

Referring to his visit to a village house that was strong against the earthquake and did not suffer much damage, the President said: “This shows that if we can build houses with the right principles, materials and good engineering, it can resist against such disasters and problems”.

Dr Rouhani stressed that we should increase the resistance of houses and preparedness against natural disasters, saying: "Your mood is admired; maintaining a happy and resilient spirit despite problems and so much suffering is not easy."

The president added: "All our efforts are directed towards completing the permanent settlements in villages as soon as possible and providing the facilities and equipment needed for them, such as clinics, schools, etc.".

Dr Rouhani said: “The government will stand by you as long as all people’s houses in the earthquake-hit areas are completely rebuilt”.

The president also called on the governor general of Kermanshah province to do whatever is required to help the people by giving them loans.

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