All people must participate in planting trees/Appreciating agriculture ministry, municipalities, especially Tehran mayor for creating green belt around Tehran/Creating green belt very effective for environment, stopping Tehran's undue expansion

The 1200-hectar green belt plan around Tehran was opened in President Dr Hassan Rouhani's presence on Tuesday to celebrate Natural Resources Week and Arbour Day.

Tue 06 - March 2018 - 09:34

With the project opened, the area of the green belt around Tehran reached more than 40 thousand hectares.

The President also planted a sapling in north-eastern Tehran to celebrate Arbour Day.

"I hope all people participate in the important issue of planting trees in these days, which is important for natural and social health of our society," the president said at the ceremony celebrating Arbour Day and Natural Resources Week.

Dr Rouhani said: "Today, we need a healthy environment for our society's health and people's vitality, which largely depends on the planting of trees and preservation of pastures and forests".

The President said: "Unfortunately, millions of meters of forest and pastures have been destroyed in the past years".

Saying that Iran's per capita population with regard to forests and pastures is less than average of the world, Dr Rouhani added: "We need to make more efforts to eliminate these shortcomings".

Referring to the efforts of the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad, municipalities and, in particular, Tehran mayor to create a green belt around Tehran, the President said: "The implementation of this project is of great importance and is very effective in protecting the environment and preventing the undue expansion of Tehran".

Dr Rouhani added: "Tehran municipality has managed to allocate 1200 hectares of land to planting forest this year and we hope to plant more areas of trees next year".

The president noted: "The destruction of forests has a great impact on the environment and is a major contributor to air pollution and the dust, forest degradation and desertification".

Dr Rouhani also called on the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad to pay attention to the importance of wood farming and said: "Encouraging farmers and people to profit from such farming can also help resolve the problems".

Stating that "to deal with the dust, we can plant trees," the President said: "I invite all classes and people from various backgrounds and environmentalists to participate in planting trees and encourage people to do so in a variety of ways".

The president also went on to say: "I call on our dear people to protect the environment during Nowruz holidays and on their travels".

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