ICHTO performance report discussed/Export Guarantee Fund insurance prices to drop for African countries/Permit for holding int'l conference of 'Women, Peace, and Sustainable Security' issued

The Council of Ministers convened on Sunday in a regular weekly cabinet session and discussed the performance of Iran Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organisation (ICHTO).

Sun 04 - March 2018 - 22:32

President Rouhani described tourism and handicrafts very important in development of employment and stressed on supporting construction of cheap hotels and facilitating public transportation.

He said: "With the considerable advancements in medical knowledge and having advanced medical centres, good opportunities for development of tourism of health and providing medical services to neighbouring countries have been provided".

The President also underscored the role of Plan and Budget Organisation (PBO), banks and funds in developing the tourism industry and maximising the opportunities for generating employment, especially for the educated.

He also referred to the diversity and features of handicrafts in Iran, saying: "As a very important advantage, handicrafts can contribute to more employment at homes, and with regard to the significant share of women in the development of this industry, they can be a good opportunity for the employment of women and those living in rural areas".

The Council of Ministers also agreed on reducing insurance prices of the Export Guarantee Fund of Iran for African countries.

Based on what was approved by the council, the maximum amount of annual insurance fees will be 1.5 per cent for short-term credits and 1 per cent for mid- and long-term credits.

The cabinet also agreed on issuing the permit for holding the International Conference of Women, Peace, and Sustainable Security in Tehran to mark the birthday of Lady Fatimah al-Zahra (SA) and women's day in Iran.

The Statistical Centre of Iran also presented a report on the major indices of the job market in years 1384 through 1395.

Another issue that was discussed and approved by the cabinet was allocating over 100 billion tomans plus loans for repairing the damages inflicted by the floods and earthquake on Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari province.

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