Iran seeks stable ties with France/Tehran-Paris consultation can be effective on regional, int'l issues/US has been sabotaging JCPOA implementation/Iran-Europe not related to JCPOA/Yemen faces war crimes

The Presidents of Iran and France emphasised that they were determined to build strong and stable relations between the two countries, and will focus their efforts to serve the interests of the two nations.

Sun 04 - March 2018 - 19:41

Dr Hassan Rouhani had a telephone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday evening and said: "The decision of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to establish stable ties with France, which undoubtedly contributes to long-standing, friendly relations between the two nations".

Dr. Rouhani stated: "The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to consult with France in all matters of economic, cultural and political affairs".

The president appreciated Paris' stance regarding the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and stressed: "Tehran will live up to its commitments as long as the other sides fulfill their commitments".

Dr Rouhani also referred to some talks about what is called complementary negotiations to the JCPOA, saying: “Seven countries have come to an agreement and the UN Security Council has also confirmed it and Iran has fully complied with its commitments in the agreement, but unfortunately, the United States has continuously been sabotaging its implementation”.

Describing Iran-EU dialogue and cooperation on regional issues very well, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran emphasised that this partnership has nothing to do with the JCPOA and the most important thing in the current situation is that the European Union work towards full adherence of the United States in the nuclear deal.

“Combatting terrorism and helping people around the world, especially in our region who are facing attacks and problems are among the issues on which Iran is ready to cooperate and consult with all countries of the world," said Rouhani adding that as two friend countries, Iran is ready to consult and cooperate with France on issues of mutual interest".

The president also referred to the spread of famine and contagious diseases in Yemen, along with the subsequent bombing of defenceless cities of the country, and called for a serious action by Europe and especially France to help the oppressed, innocent people of Yemen.

Dr Rouhani also emphasised: "We are witnessing war crimes in Yemen, and in this regard, the countries that provide Saudi Arabia and the Arab coalition with weapons must be held accountable”.

The President also mentioned Lebanon and expressed hope that the Lebanese parties would be able to cooperate with each other in a friendly, coordinated manner to mark a good, healthy election.

The presidents of the two countries also underscored the need for a quicker establishment of stability and peace in Syria, and expressed readiness to initiate and continue multilateral actions to reach the goal of a stable Syria.

The presidents of the two countries, foreign ministers, have been organizing their consultations on the plan that will focus on sending humanitarian aid to the Syrian people.

Dr Rouhani went on to say: "We are fully prepared to establish a multilateral partnership with other effective countries in the field of humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people”.

President Rouhani also referred to President Macron’s visit to Tehran and said: "We welcome this visit and believe that Tehran-Paris cooperation can have an impact on bilateral, regional and international issues.

The President France Emmanuel Macron stressed that “I would like to establish clear, solid and stable relations with Iran," adding: "Paris has made all its efforts to defend the JCPOA, and we are clear and straightforward in this regard”.

Macron also called for cooperation between the two countries on ​​regional issues, especially with regard to Syria and Lebanon, saying that Iran and France have a very heavy responsibility in dealing with the situation in the region.

He added: "I have always emphasised that we do not favour a renegotiation on the JCPOA, but we are willing to discuss other issues".

The French president also announced his country's interest in promoting an initiative in Syria aiming to increase stability and peace in the country, and called for Iran's cooperation to advance the initiative.

Macron also expressed hope that he would make a visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran soon and have meetings with the authorities.

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