Execution of projects with over 4 trillion tomans to mark dramatic developments in province/ The path to employment in country must continue powerfully

At the end of his visit to Hormozgan province, the president attended a press conference and said: "More than 4 trillion tomans of credits have been allocated for implementing various projects in Hormozgan province, the implementation of which can lead to dramatic developments in the development of the province".

Thu 01 - March 2018 - 14:18

Speaking on Thursday in Bandar Abbas, Dr Hassan Rouhani appreciated the enthusiastic welcome of the people of Hormozgan province, saying: "People showed their solidarity and confidence to their servants, and I hope the relationship between the government and people are stable, because it relies on trust that we can eliminate the problems one after the other".

Stating that during the visit, more than 4 trillion tomans of credits was allocated to various projects, he said: "Yesterday, great projects were implemented in the province, the most important of which was the start of the third phase of Shahid Rajaei Port and the completion of the second phase of the port".

Dr Rouhani remarked: "The people of Hormozgan province have been –and are- guardians of the Persian Gulf and Strait of Hormuz throughout the history".

Referring to the opening of the first part of the Hormozgan steel project with a capacity of 1.5 million tonnes, the president said: "Bandar Abbas can be a good centre for steel development, and we are determined to move towards targeting 55 million tonnes by developing this sector".

Dr Rouhani added: "In the energy and fuel sector, an important project for Bandar Abbas refinery was launched, with which petrol production increased to 4 million litres a day with the quality of Euro 4".

"In the field of water in rural areas, old buildings, fisheries and aquaculture and tourism, good work has been started in the province which will be continued powerfully," continued Rouhani.

Dr Rouhani described the islands of Hormozgan province as one of the very significant tourist attractions and said: "These islands are a great blessing for the province, which should be used well and the government will provide support in this regard."

The president noted: "Good decisions have been made in the fields of education, culture and sports facilities in the province, and we hope that the people of the province, using their great Islamic and national culture, can use these potentials for development and prosperity".

"The Iranian people want their country developed and demand a balance in development across the country, and the government will pursue the necessary plans for the development of the country with this aim," continued the President.

On job creation, Dr Rouhani said: "The recent figures by the statistics centre was very promising, according to which in autumn of this year, more than 950 thousand jobs were created, which is a great accomplishment in the history of the country and this path must continue strongly".

Answer a question about government's solutions for managing the groundwater resources of Hormozgan province, the president said: "One of the important issues in Hormozgan province is the preservation of water resources, and this is a matter of national level".

Dr Rouhani said: "Rainfall in provinces like Hormozgan, Sistan and Baluchestan, Kerman, Isfahan and Khorasan Razavi has been poorer than the other parts of the country. Application of new methods of irrigation of agricultural lands and utilisation of greenhouse crops can partly reduce the problems in this direction, and in this regard, valuable measures have been taken in Hormozgan province, including 100 thousand hectares out of 170 thousand hectares of agricultural lands of the province have been equipped with modern irrigation systems".

The president called for increased investment in wastewater and sewage treatment, and emphasised the government's support for these projects, adding: "The private sector, with the help of banks, should work hard in these areas, and such a move can mark a big change in the province's agricultural water supply".

In response to a question about old buildings, he said: "I told Mr Governor General that in all of the old buildings of the province, whether in Bandar Abbas or in other cities, if there are lands beside these buildings and neighbourhoods, investor and constructors can invest in them with low-interest loans".

The president urged further development of projects in the east and west of the province, including completing the 900-km coastline and equipping the port of Jask and approving the conversion of the region to the free zone, and said: "We hope that the adoption of the bill to convert Jask to a free zone, will be of great help to the people of the province".

On transferring water from the Persian Gulf to the central provinces of the country, the president said: "The decision to transfer water from this area to the central plateau of Iran has been adopted and is being implemented by the private sector".

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