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President at the meeting of the administrative council of Hormozgan:

All politicians, factions must join hands for Iran, Hormozgan's progress/14 islands a great potential for province; I have issued orders for their development/Let's welcome major Iranian investors living abroad/Water issue belongs to entire country, must be solved with a national viewpoint

President described empathy and unity the factor that contributes to the success and pride of the country and solving the problems, stressing: “All politicians and factions must join hands and work together for Iran’s prosperity and progress”.

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Thu 01 - March 2018 - 11:14

Speaking at the meeting of the administrative council of Hormozgan province in Bandar Abbas on Thursday, Dr Hassan Rouhani said: “Having 14 islands is a great potential for the province and I have recently issued orders for their development”.

He also hailed empathy and unity among all ethnic and religious groups in the province, saying: “Let’s welcome major Iranian investors who are living outside the country and not be hard on them”.

Dr Rouhani expressed gratitude to the people of Hormozgan province for their hospitality and said: "I apologize to the people of the counties of the province because I did not personally visit them".

He added: "The agreement between the senior officials of Hormozgan province and the empathy of the ethnic and religious groups in the province is a source of pride".

Rouhani continued: "This brings pride and happiness for all of us, and everyone has to unite and join hands for a more prosperous province and our dear Iran".

He also went on to say: "All martyrs, including Martyr Haghani and the shrine defenders guarantee Iran's independence and development".

The president described security, unity and integrity as the basis for carrying out plans and projects and said: "Security and unity are the underlying foundations for progress and development, because when there is unity and security, other matters will be solved".

The president emphasised on the necessity of combating smuggling with reference to the Supreme Leader's emphasis on the necessity of combating smuggling of goods, saying: "In most weekly meetings, the Supreme Leader emphasizes the process of smuggling reduction".

Dr. Rouhani added: "It is the responsibility of the police to fight smuggling, but recently in the Supreme National Security Council, we stated that in the Persian Gulf, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps should have the responsibility to fight smuggling, and certainly with this decision, the conditions in the fight against smuggling will be better than the past".

"$30 billion investment and foreign investment capability is ready for exploitation," added Dr Rouhani saying: "Tourism and startups are the best employment tools".

Pointing out that these islands are also important in terms of security and economy, Dr Rouhani said: "We must work hard to provide conditions for entrepreneurship and investment in islands that do not have good opportunities at present".

"The completion of projects in the oil and gas sector require a lot of investment, and the country's domestic facilities are limited," said the president, emphasising that we need a lot of capital for the development and prosperity of the country.

Saying that "we ask God to make year 1397 the year of liveliness and hope for the entire Iranian nation", President said: "We hope that the Qazvin-Rasht railway starts operation early next year".

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say: "We are able to transit all Indian cargos to Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe".

The president emphasised: "Hormozgan, given its good security, significant development capacities, and a high level of solidarity between the authorities and the people, and in particular the Shi'a-Sunni unity, has a great potential for development, which should all be handled and the talents be activated".

news id: 103262

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