Interaction, dialogue the most important features of modern CT/Let's accept that it's the era of bandwidth, not band-narrowness/One cannot evade industry, technology and their effects on lifestyle; we're able to defend our identity

President described interaction and dialogue as the most important features of modern communications technology and stressed: "Let's accept that today is the era of bandwidth, not band-narrowness".

Wed 28 - February 2018 - 22:09

Speaking in a meeting with the elite and development of Hormozgan province on Wednesday, Dr Hassan Rouhani said: "One cannot escape from industry and technology and their effects on lifestyle, but we are able to defend our identity".

He added: "Whether we want it or not, industry is imposed upon societies but we must use its advantages and reduce its problems".

"I hope we can be a good servant for the warmhearted, hospitable people of Hormozgan province," continued the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Stating that industrial revolution has changed lifestyle and the interaction between societies, Dr Rouhani said: "Along with welfare and positive effects, the industrial revolution has brought problems such as environmental pollution with it".

Despite the problems and issues, we cannot distance from industrial development, he said, adding: "Communications revolution has caused the second greatest development in societies".

He also went on to say: "We must take advantage of the features of today's world, such as communication networks to promote religious and national culture".

"We cannot distance ourselves from the world of communications but we must be careful," said Rouhani adding: "The government has done a great deal to maintain and develop the conditions for people to take advantage of communications technology".

He continued: "Even the opponents of the communications use this very platform as the most common tool to express their opposition to the government".

Stating that "today, investment requires communications in addition to security," the President said: "If we all stand together, defending the values and taking advantage of technologies for people's welfare is possible".

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