President expressed condolences over police, Basij forces' martyrdom

President Rouhani sent a message of condolences over the martyrdom of 3 police officers and 2 Basij forces in the recent unrest and tasked the Minister of Interior to closely investigate the issue and present a report to the noble Iranian nation.

Wed 21 - February 2018 - 14:50

President Hassan Rouhani's message reads: "Martyrdom of three brave police officers and two courageous Basij forces caused great grief and sorrow. These devoted soldiers of the country, who lost their lives while trying to maintain order and peace in the country, will remain immortal in people's minds as martyrs of order and peace".

He also wrote: "In the meantime, I call on the Minister of Interior, as the head of the Security Council, to closely investigate the incident and identify all perpetrators of the breach of public order and present a clear, accurate report to the noble Iranian nation".

"I hereby offer my condolences to the families of these dear martyrs and ask the Almighty the highest rewards and levels for them," Dr Rouhani wrote.

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