Astana, Sochi talks for Syria stability, security promising/Cooperation the way to deal with concerns, separatist plots in region

President Rouhani described tripartite cooperation and negotiations of Iran, Turkey and Russia in regional issues, especially in fighting terrorism and resolving the Syrian crisis positive and effective and underscored further work and more Tehran-Ankara-Moscow cooperation until a desired goal is reached.

Mon 19 - February 2018 - 22:06

President Hassan Rouhani talked with the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan by telephone late on Monday and described combatting terrorism and clearing Syria from terrorist groups, as well as confronting separatist conspiracies in the region as the common goals of Iran and Turkey, adding: “Today, separatist plots and attempts to install puppet governments in the region are taking place, and we must have more cooperation in dealing with these security concerns”.

Referring to Astana and Sochi talks with Iranian, Turkish and Russian leaders taking part, the President said: “Astana and Sochi talks aimed at Syria’s stability and security are promising and this positive trend must further continue”.

He then mentioned the United States and Zionist Regime’s conspiracies in the region, saying: “Iran and Turkey have common goals in regional and international issues and we must promote cooperation in implementing Astana agreements”.

“We must not allow terrorist groups to regain power and have the opportunity to restore their activities in the region again,” Dr Rouhani continued.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also stressed the need to respect territorial integrity of Syria and said: “Security and stability must return to Syria as soon as possible to let all Syrian refugees go back to their country”.

He also appreciated the Turkish President’s condolences over the recent plane crash in Iran.

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdoğan offered condolences over Tehran-Yasuj plane crash.

He then referred to Turkish troops’ presence in Afrin, saying: “We want entire Syrian soil to be cleared from terrorists and we believe that protecting territorial integrity of this country must be a concern for all countries of the region”.

Erdoğan appreciated the Islamic Republic of Iran for its support in dealing with regional and international issues and the fight against terrorism, adding: “What is being done with the aim of undermining the three countries’ efforts in Astana and Sochi will never be to the benefit of the region”.

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