Tehran-New Delhi ties serving interests of the two nations, region, against no country/Emphasising the role of parliaments in deepening Tehran-New Delhi cooperation

The president referred to the history of Iran-India relations as a source of closeness and cooperation, stressing: "History and cultural commonalities are a great asset for the relations between governments and parliaments that must be taken advantage of".

Sat 17 - February 2018 - 17:59

Dr Hassan Rouhani met with the Vice-President and the Chairman of the Indian Senate, Venkaiah Naidu, on Saturday and stressed that the high-ranking officials of the two countries were determined to further deepen relations between the two countries, adding: "Not only our relations are not against any country, but also are in the interests of the two nations and the region".

The president also emphasised the important role of parliaments in the development of relations between governments, saying that the Iranian and Indian parliaments can pave the way for further strengthening of ties in line with the interests of the two nations.

The Vice-President and the Chairman of the Indian Senate, Venkaiah Naidu said that the Indian parliament and government supported inclusive development of Tehran-New Delhi relations and everybody were doing their best to make this happen.

He also called for strengthening of cooperation between the two countries in the fight against terrorism, saying: "All countries in the world confront face terrorism, because terrorism hinders progress, development and welfare of the countries".

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