Tehran welcomes deepening ties with New Delhi in all fields/Iran-India ties not to the detriment of any country/We are ready for trilateral, multilateral pacts/Iran can provide India's required energy in long-term strategic contracts

President Rouhani described deepening historical friendships between the Iranian and Indian nations in all cultural, economic and commercial fields as the responsibility of the officials of the two countries, stressing: "The Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes deepening ties with New Delhi, as a friend country in the region, in all fields of mutual interest".

Sat 17 - February 2018 - 13:48

President Hassan Rouhani met with the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi on Saturday in New Delhi and stressed: "Relations between Iran and India are not detrimental to any country and there are vast opportunities and potentials to deepen ties between the two countries that must be taken the best advantage of to contribute to a better future for the two nations and the region".

He also stressed that promoting Persian language in India was very important for the development of relations between the two countries and said that cultural exchange and special attention to teaching Persian language in Indian universities was essential.

The President also stated that energy and transportation were two great potentials for building strategic cooperation between Iran and India on, adding: "Chabahar Port, as a bridge connecting India to Afghanistan, Central Asia and Eastern Europe, can further strengthen historical ties between the two countries and the entire region".

Dr Rouhani added: "Transit ties between the two countries will create multilateral and regional potentials with the countries of the region and we are ready to have trilateral and multilateral agreements to turn the transit route from Chabahar into a strategic route for regional relations".

Stressing that Iran can supply India's energy needs within the framework of long-term strategic contracts, he said: "These long-term contracts in the fields of energy and transportation will make the two countries strategic and trustful partners".

Dr Rouhani also described terrorism as a problem for the entire region and the whole world, saying: "We must fight the roots of terrorism which are mainly intellectual and cultural, stemming from promoting extremist, violent ideas and we are ready to cooperate with friend countries, including India, in this field".

 The Prime Minister of India described development of relations between the two countries satisfying and said that his country was determined to deepen ties with Iran in all fields of mutual interest.

Narendra Modi added: "We are determined to deepen ties with Tehran in all fields. He also referred to Chabahar Port and said: "Chabahar can change trade ties in the region and the world".

He also suggested that a seminar be held in the near future, composed of representatives from regional countries, including Russia and Eurasia, in Chabahar.

Modi continued to mention the extension of terrorism and concerns of all countries in the region, including India, saying that his country was ready to cooperate with Iran in the fight against terrorism.

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