Dr Rouhani officially welcomed by Indian counterpart, PM

The president of the Islamic Republic of Iran was officially welcomed by the President and Prime Minister of India in India’s presidential palace on Saturday, on the second leg of his visit to India.

Sat 17 - February 2018 - 08:34

At the official welcoming ceremony, after the national anthems of Iran and India were played, the presidents of the two countries reviewed the honour guards.

During the ceremony, a 21-gun salute was performed in the honour of the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and his accompanying delegation, and the Presidents of Iran and India introduced the high-ranking delegates to each other.

Regarding Iran-India relations, Dr Rouhani said: "If we can reach the goal of the great relations that our ancestors in Iran and India used to have, we have done a great job."

The official talks and meetings with the President and the Prime Minister of India and between the high-level delegations of the two countries will be held at Hyderabad Palace.

Dr Rouhani's official three-day visit to India began on Thursday, arriving in Hyderabad in the south.


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