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President in a cordial meeting with Iranians living in India:

Indian subcontinent’s ties with Iranian people special and unique/Iranian businessmen transferred cultural, spiritual goods to India/The effects of the civilisation of Hyderabad and India are the result of Iran, India common civilisation work/Sanctions restrict relations among nations/We showed the world we have great negotiating power in addition to high defensive power

The president described the relations between the Indian subcontinent and the Iranian nation as special, and emphasised that the Iranian businessmen transferred the cultural and spiritual goods to India in addition to the commercial goods, adding: “The effects of the civilization of Hyderabad and India were the result of the civilization work of the Iranian and Indian nations”.

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Fri 16 - February 2018 - 16:04

Dr Hassan Rouhani met with Iranians living and students studying in India on Friday in Hyderabad, and said: “The sweet Persian language has showed itself here in this subcontinent better then everywhere and can accelerate the development of Iran-India relations”.

Stating that the arrival of Iranians in India has been effective in establishing cities and managing the society, Dr Rouhani said: “The sweet Persian language in the subcontinent has appeared better than anywhere else”.

Persian language can accelerate the development of Iran-India relations, continued the President, adding: “The demands of Iranian residents will be pursued”.

“In recent years, the Iranian people have taken great steps in securing their rights,” added the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He also went on to say: “The world has no doubt that no country is as effective as Iran in combating terrorism and establishing regional stability”.

“Apart from an occupying regime and one or two small countries, no country accompanied the current ruler of the United States against Iran,” said Rouhani.

Stating that Iran will produce 55 million tons of steel by the year 1404, the President said: “Within two months, six petrochemical units, and during the term of office of the 11th government, 11 phases of South Pars were opened”.

He added: “We used to import 8 million tons of wheat, but now we are an exporter of wheat”.

He also said: “The railway will soon be connected to Bandar Abbas, Azerbaijan, Russia and Europe. The transit status of Iran is getting better every day”.

news id: 102978

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