If Muslims were united, Zionist Regime wouldn’t dare to violate Palestinian nation’s rights/Iran believes there’s no way except unity, brotherhood among Muslims/We must establish security, stability in our countries, entire region

President Rouhani addressed prayers in Hyderabad’s Friday prayer on Friday and stressed that there is no way except unity and brotherhood among Muslims around the world, adding: “If Muslims were all united, the US President wouldn’t dare to announce Bayt ul-Maqdis as the capital of the Zionist Regime and the usurper Zionist Regime wouldn’t dare to violate the rights of the Palestinian nation”.

Fri 16 - February 2018 - 16:03

“We Muslims, gather together every Friday to pray and the Friday prayer is the prayer of unity and coherence among all Muslims of the world,” continued Dr Rouhani.

Dr Rouhani pointed out: "Not only we Muslims must be brothers and to act each other with kindness and mercy, but Muslims should be merciful towards the entire world”.

Stating that if Islam is literally introduced to the people of the world, the entire world would love this religion for mercy, he stated: "If today, in the Muslim world, we see divisions and discord, it shows that the true Islam and the concept the Qur'an has not been recognized and the fact that there is violence and disagreement in some Islamic countries is because we did not direct the young generation towards real Islam”.

The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that there is no way but unity, integrity and brotherhood among Muslims, said Rouhani adding: "Dear Muslim brothers! The way to our way of salvation is to recognize all Islamic branches, although we are different rivers, we have a common source”.

"The enemies of Islam do not want us to be united, but the building of this very mosque tells us that the people of this region, including Iran and India, have been together in civilization, science and brotherhood," the president emphasised.

Dr Rouhani said: "What we see from the civilization in Hyderabad is that for centuries the people of this land have been united with the Iranian people and have taken advantage of each other's culture”.

The president said: “The people of Iran have a special interest in the people of the land of India, and the people of India also have a deep relationship with the Iranian people," said Rouhani adding: “We must strengthen the relations between these two nations, and the Iranian government is ready, and I hope the Indian government is are also ready to make it easier for the two nations to travel”.

Dr Rouhani said: “Iran announces that it will supply oil and energy to India  with regard to its rich energy resources and can be the transit path for India’s access to Central Asia and Europe through Chabahar port”.

He said: "We believe that the two great nations of Iran and India can be together in industry, agriculture, and technology so that they can provide the interests of the two great nations and the region."

Dr Rouhani also added: “The Iranian nation helps all Muslim nations and is ready to help. We helped the Iraqi and Syrian people to survive violence, bloodshed and war, because we believe we are responsible for the blood of an innocent and if we save one person from death, we have saved humanity”.

Dr Rouhani added: "We are happy about security and stability of India in recent years, and we are interested in unity and integrity, as well as stability and security among all people regardless of their idea and belief”.

“We condemn those who do not give visas to some Muslim nations and call Muslims terrorists,” said Rouhani adding: “Others want to humiliate Muslims, but Muslims throughout history have greatness, great science and civilization, and the future of the world will be ours."

Dr Rouhani added: "Shiite, Sunni, and different branches of Islam have a common goal, and that is progressing on the path to the true teachings of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH), and our greatest duty is to establish kindness and unity among human beings."

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