We appreciate people's presence in 22 Bahman celebration/ Determination, hope for the future the basis of progress/ Until there is national integrity, no foreign power can do any harm/ Iran's credit risk dropped from above 7 to 5, indicating an increase in global trust

President described determination, confidence, vitality and hope for the future as the basis of progress and emphasised that managers who have 100% hope must stay, adding: "People's unity and integrity was the main factor contributing to the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and as long as this integrity and unity exists, no external power can do any harm to us".

Tue 13 - February 2018 - 10:19

President Hassan Rouhani appeared at the large gathering of governor generals, ministers, heads of economic organisations and directors of financial and credit institutions on Tuesday and praised the presence of loyal people of Iran at the Bahman 22 demonstrations, calling on everyone to try to strengthen hope in the country, adding: "Our people is ahead of time, but our advertisement systems are behind even global evaluations and spread despair."

Stating that "people proved that despite some problems, they still choose the path of independence and negation of foreign domination," the President said: "If we ask people today, they will vote for freedom and national sovereignty".

He also said: "Today, like yesterday, people call for the fight against corruption and do not accept destruction of Islamic and national culture".

Dr Rouhani also went on to say: "There is no possibility of facing away from the ideals of the Iranian nation," adding that all people and classes' support led the Bahman 22 victory.

"If the system was not strong and the future was not clear, more than 190 countries would not stand against Trump," he continued.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said: "Our people is ahead of time, but our advertisement systems are behind even global evaluations and spread despair".

"Our economic growth will be higher than the global average, and this is a proof of our correct path, said the President," said Rouhani stressing that the president is responsible to implement the constitution and all branches of the government and institutions must help the government in this regard

"In managing bitter, unpredicted incidents such as the latest earthquake, valuable measures were taken and the shortcomings must be compensated," continued Rouhani.

He added: "The government welcomed any organ that expressed readiness to provide temporary accommodation containers and paid for them".

The President also went on to say: "Iran's credit risk dropped from above 7 to 5, and this indicates an increase in global trust".

"I appreciate the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, all institutions and rescue and service teams for managing the earthquake," Rouhani continued.

Stating that Islam is the religion of proclamation guidance, not the religion of hardship and strictness, he said: "Although the enemies do not want this, but we will witness the greatest celebration in the 40th and 50th anniversary of the revolution".

"Employment is among people's most important demands and next year an extraordinary work must be made in this regard," continued Rouhani.

The President also said: "The labour ministry must allocate all resources predicted for rural employment until mid-July"

He continued: "Information technology, the cyberspace and high speed Internet are essential for economy and employment," stating: "Cyberspace can eliminate harmful intermediaries and costly delays from the production and service cycle".

We have spent over $4bn to develop IT infrastructure for people's convenience, the President continued, saying: "We are aiming for creating 100,000 IT jobs for year 1397".

Dr Rouhani also said: "Many state-owned lands are allocated for the development of employment and housing for free, especially in the vicinity of old neighbourhoods".

He continued: "All organs are tasked with providing all the necessary services for the renovation of old neighbourhoods".

"Around 390,000 hectares of agricultural lands are planned to undergo modern irrigation systems until the end of next year," added Rouhani.

He also went on to say: "Preservation of water resources, environment and people's health are the main priorities of the government".

President Rouhani added: "The Ministry of Energy is responsible for protecting the water rights and wetlands, in addition to water supply".

Stating that "heavy and semi-heavy cargo fleet will be renovated within 3 years and half of the price will be received from those who own old vehicles", he said: "We will provide all the foreign currency requirements for the construction of new heavy and semi-heavy vehicles".

Emphasising that students need to learn skills to meet the needs of the private sector, he continued: "The managerial competences of the young generation, women, and religions and ethnic groups must be seen equally".

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