Iran ready to embrace investment, esp. in oil, gas, petrochemicals, tourism, mining/Independence, not interfering in our country, fair ties with world: the message of our revolution

President Rouhani described the message of the Islamic Revolution of Iran as not expansionism, but independence, not allowing others to interfere in the internal affairs of Iran and having fair relations with the world, adding: "Iran is ready to embrace investment, especially in sectors such as oil, gas, petrochemicals, tourism and mining".

Sat 10 - February 2018 - 16:56

Speaking on Saturday in a meeting with ambassadors, heads of missions and representatives of foreign organisations to Tehran, President Dr Hassan Rouhani said: "Iran can be a gateway for the Middle East to enter a new paradigm".

The president also said: "Developing transportation and banking relations have put relations between countries in a new paradigm".

He also went on to say: "Unfortunately, relations between the developed and developing world are not promoting fairly".

Dr Rouhani said: "Due to the spirit of colonialism, many countries had no way but to stage revolution", adding that: "The people of Iran rose up against tyranny, interference of the United States and neglect of religious values".

He also emphasised that "the message of our revolution was not expansionism, but independence and fair relations with the world", adding: "The confidence of countries and international law created the possibility of multilateral industrial cooperation".

"In the new paradigm, countries in the Middle East unfortunately did not enter the global economic chain," he continued.

The President also added: "Interference of foreign powers and rebellion of the Israeli regime were among the factors that led to the lack of growth in the Middle East".

Stating that Iran can be the gateway for the Middle East to enter a new paradigm, he said: "The educated manpower and women who have a culture of social presence are the advantages of Iran".

"Iran enjoys high security, ethnic unity, large mines and energy production as much as it is needed," he continued, adding: "We need to save one million barrels of oil resources in our country; friend countries should use this opportunity to invest".

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said: "Within 3 years, we are scrapping all old vehicles; this is a great opportunity for investment".

"To be active in the development paradigm, the Middle East needs security and this security is very important for the Islamic Republic of Iran and all countries of the region," the President said.

He also went on to say: "Problems and threats such as terrorism and separatism are among the threats that the region is facing with and the Islamic Republic of Iran has been very active in these two fields during the past years".

Stressing that the Islamic Republic of Iran considers political ways the only solution to the crises that the countries of the region are struggling with, Dr Rouhani said: "Military solution and foreign interference and pouring arms to other countries are not good solutions to the problems and the issues must be resolve through dialogue and political ways".

"If a country thinks it can achieve its desired goals through intervention, bombing neighbours or the development of terrorism, it is absolutely wrong," continued Dr Rouhani.

He added: "Today, we are witnessing trilateral and multilateral relations between and among the countries of the region and such relations are beneficial for the peace and stability in the region".

"The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is a successful model for solving global and regional problems through diplomacy," he said, adding: "This approach can bring about the benefit of security and more and better economic relations, as well as more effective cooperation to solve the problems, for the whole region and the entire world".

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say: "I want to state this clearly that if the parties to the JCPOA, especially the United States, were fully committed to their commitments, we would have a more secure region with more cooperation today".

"If what the US is doing is not a political game and it decides to abandon this international commitment, I explicitly say that it is a big strategic mistake and that history and the world will see America's biggest mistake in political relations with the world, and especially with our region," he continued.

Stating that Iran has never broken a commitment, Dr Rouhani said: "Even after the revolution, we were committed to the obligations of the former regime; we will never be the first party to violate the JCPOA".

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say: "If the United States exits the JCPOA, it will lose a lot and Iran is prepared for that, too".

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