Iran against the presence of foreign troops in Syria without its gov't, nation permission/Tehran-Moscow ties developing/ Iran's adherence to JCPOA depends on the other side's

The presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Russian Federation described continuing joint efforts to strengthen security and stability in the region, in particular in Syria, essential and stressed: "Only the Syrian people should decide on the future of this country and oppose imposition of any decision outside Syria on the people of the country".

Tue 06 - February 2018 - 13:51

In a telephone conversation with President Vladimir Putin of Russia on Tuesday, President Hassan Rouhani pointed out that "the Islamic Republic of Iran is against the presence of foreign forces on the territory of Syria without the permission of the government and nation of this country," adding: "Continuation of tension in northern Syria does not benefit anyone, and we hope that all the countries of the region respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Syria".

Referring to the importance of joint cooperation between Tehran, Ankara and Moscow in the fight against terrorism and the restoration of peace and stability in Syria, the president said: "Such cooperation is necessary as before and must be strengthened and continued until the final victory of the Syrians over the terrorists".

 Dr Rouhani also welcomed the holding of a meeting between the presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey to continue the close cooperation of the three countries in establishing peace and stability in the region and the fight against terrorism.

The president also described Tehran-Moscow relations developing and emphasised the need for faster implementation of the agreements between the two countries, adding: "Faster implementation of the agreements and facilitation and development of banking cooperation between Tehran and Moscow will boost relations in all fields".

Referring to the unconstructive actions by some countries against the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Dr Rouhani also said: "Iran is still committed to fulfilling its obligations under the agreement until the other side does so and, in this path, it is necessary to stop the destructive actions of some countries against it".

The president expressed satisfaction with the progress of the peaceful nuclear cooperation between Iran and Russia, saying: "The process of implementation of the agreements and pacts between the two countries is well underway and we hope that the signing of the free trade agreement between Iran and Eurasia results in acceleration of bilateral and regional cooperation".

Dr Rouhani then referred to the dire situation of the Yemeni people and continued bombing and spread of disease in the country, and stressed the need for joint efforts to peacefully resolve the Yemeni crisis and help the country's refugees.

The president also described Washington and Riyadh's accusing of Iran sending missiles to Yemen as completely propagandistic and unfounded, and stated that the groundwork for these allegations was merely an attempt by the Trump administration to undermine the JCPOA.

The President of Russia emphasised that Moscow was determined to deepen its ties with Tehran in all fields of mutual interest, saying: "Russia's major companies are actively engaged in the development of agreements and pacts between Tehran and Moscow, and the process is accelerating".

Vladimir Putin also described the nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5 + 1 and emphasised: "Russia believes that any attempt to undermine this agreement is extremely harmful and dangerous to our region, and we have made our position clear to our counterparts".

The Russian president also announced that the negotiations on the interim agreement on the creation of a free trade zone between Iran and the Eurasian Economic Union were finalised and said: "By finally signing the document between Iran and the Eurasian Union, cooperation will enter a new stage".

He went on to refer to Syria and said: "Russia, like Iran, believes that it is only the Syrians who must decide on the future of their country and we oppose imposition of any decision from outside Syria and Moscow will adhere to this position".

The Russian president acknowledged the success of the Sochi Summit as a joint achievement of Iran, Russia and Turkey, saying: "The efforts of some countries outside the region to equip the terrorists and disintegrate Syria are alarming and we believe that the presence of any troops in the territory of a country should be with the permission of the government of that country or the United Nations Security Council, and anything outside this framework is obvious involvement in the affairs of an independent state".

 Putin also described the situation of the Yemeni people terrible and alarming and stressed the necessity of efforts by all countries to pursue peaceful solutions and restore peace and security to the country.

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