Taking advantage of all domestic, foreign resources essential for progress/Quake-hit people’s demands must be met; this is our religious, legal duty/Opening projects worth $2.2bn an honour/People, private sectors’ capital can make good developments/Figures show Kerman on the path to progress

President Rouhani described opening projects worth $2.2 billion in Kerman province as an honour and said: “We must take advantage of all domestic and foreign resources for the country’s development and progress”.

Thu 01 - February 2018 - 23:32

Speaking at the session of the Administrative Council of Kerman province late on Thursday, President Hassan Rouhani said: “Good security, high culture, very rich resources, geographical diversity and strategic geographical location have put the country in a very special situation”.

“The people of Iran achieved the high goal that awaited them for centuries in a religious and popular revolution in February 1979,” said Rouhani, adding: “It is an honour for us to be Iranian and Muslim under the flag of Islam and our dear Iran”.

Stressing that Iran is an earthquake-prone country and we must reinforce our buildings so that damages reduce, he added, saying: “I was waiting for weeks to find a chance to meet with the quake-hit people of Kerman and I will do that on my second day in the province”.

He also went on to say that quake-hit people’s demands and needs must be met, saying: “This is our religious, human and legal duty and I hope that I can make promises to them tomorrow about solving the problems, including building houses for them”.

We all know that our country is short of resources and facilities and we must work together to solve these problems, said the President, adding: “Cooperation among executive officials of Kerman province has led to progress in the province”.

He also added that opening projects worth $2.2bn is an honour for the government, saying: “People and the private sectors’ capital can make good developments in the province”.

One cannot achieve the desired progress with complicated bureaucracy, said Rouhani, adding: “In today’s world, all communications capacities and modern technologies must be used to achieve the highest level of communication with the world possible”.

“It is not possible to deprive ourselves of modern technologies and fall behind the progress of communications in the world. The main wish of the late Imam [Khomeini], the Supreme Leader, authorities and the people is the progress of the country and its dignity and greatness is dependent on progress and achieving more self-sufficiency” he said.

He continued: “A part of our country’s greatness and dignity is dependent on self-sufficiency and self-reliance”.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also went on to say: “We must put using modern technologies in the country on the agenda to development and progress”.

Rainfall has reduced and we must change our consumption pattern, he said, adding: “As an example, our criteria for production volume in agricultural lands must change with regard to water consumption”.

“Figures show Kerman on the path to progress and I hope that this progress becomes stronger under more unity and we can serve the people more,” Dr Rouhani added.

He said that “a part of authorities must be handed over to province capitals”, adding that the government will take new steps in this regard.

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