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President speaking at Imam Khomeini's (RA) tomb:

Arrogant powers must understand that Iranian nation will never face away from Islam, republic/People will always acknowledge the Islamic Republic/In this land, 3 principles of Islam, nation, Iran are basic/No power can change this nation's path/Gov'ts must hear people's demands, criticism

President Rouhani described the Islamic and republic system as the legacy of the late Imam Khomeini (RA) and stressed that the Iranian nation will never turn their back on these two principles.

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Wed 31 - January 2018 - 09:33

"Those arrogant powers that call for a United Nations Security Council meeting to determine the future of Iran, must understand that the Iranian nation will never turn their back on Imam Khomeini's legacies, which is the Islamic and republic system," President Rouhani said on Wednesday at the tomb of Imam Khomeini (RA).

Stating that going backward is out of the question and people have passed those dark days and nobody goes back from light to darkness of the past, he said: "Imam [Khomeini] taught us that survival and liveliness of the ruling system depends on people's opinions and votes and it is people who have achieved national sovereignty, independence and freedom and will protect it, acknowledging the Islamic Republic of Iran forever".

He also went on to stress that in this land, the three principles of "Islam, Iranian nation and Iranian land" are basic and important, adding: "Everything must revolve around these three axes and until there is Islam and people love the Islamic culture and their Iran, and acknowledge national unity, now power and superpower can change the path of this nation".

Dr Rouhani also underlined elections as the main path to democracy, saying: "People voice their opinions at the ballot box. The Islamic republic has held 12 presidential, 10 parliamentary, 5 assembly of experts, 5 councils elections and several referendums, knows it well that its destiny is ties to democracy and is determined at the ballot box".

"Alongside elections, people's support and continuous cooperation and help, as well as criticism are people's rights and no one can stop the great Iranian nation from expressing their ideas and criticism, or even protest," he continued.

Stressing that ruling systems and governments must hear people's demands and criticism, he said: "We are standing beside the grave of a great man who taught us the courage to stand and criticise and stand against arrogance and the arrogant".

The president said: "He taught us to stand against the aggressors and never allow tyranny and colonialism to return to this land. The government is with people to fulfil their will and is ready more than ever to implement people's views for the progress of our dear Iran".

"We promise Imam Khomeini, Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani and all people who are sleeping under this soil to stay committed to our nation and will continue the path of the Islamic revolution," Dr Rouhani went on to say.

He continued: "We extend our congratulations over these happy and blessed days to the great Iranian nation, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini's grandson Hojatoleslam Val-Muslimin Seyyed Hassan Khomeini, and all those who serve this land and ask the Almighty to give us the opportunity to defend the path of Imam and our martyrs".

news id: 102590

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