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President in a live televised interview:

Hours after Sanchi incident I learned about it; the day after we held a meeting with ministers/We are committed to finish Mehr Housing Scheme by end of year/We have no FX shortage; FX fluctuation not long-term/Security, freedom, peace, progress; my pledge to people

In a live televised interview with the people of Iran, the president outlined the principles, policies and agenda of the 12th government in economic, social, political and cultural fields, explaining the most important issues of the day, the country's position on the latest regional and international issues.

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Mon 22 - January 2018 - 22:28

"Sanchi incident was a very sad incident and we lost 32 people. Hours after the incident I learned about it and the day after, we held a meeting with ministers and I urged formation of a committee with representatives of ministries of foreign affairs, petroleum, and roads and urban development as its members," said President Rouhani late on Monday.

"Kermanshah earthquake was a rare case; from the very first minutes I was in touch with the Interior Minister and sent a delegation to the area," continued Rouhani.

He also went on to say: "Rescue teams did a great job. They saved 7,817 people who were injured. The day after, I went to Kermanshah".

"Iran is on several faults and there are faults from north to south and almost every day we are hearing earthquakes happening in various parts of the country and this means that people's homes must be made secured against earthquake," continued Rouhani.

Regarding Mehr Housing Scheme, he said: "Mehr housing is made outside of the city and there is no way we can provide them with services. This means that there is no water, power, school, police station, bus or road. We are committed to finish Mehr Housing Scheme by the end of the year".

On foreign exchange incomes, the President also said: “We will have over $90bn of oil and non-oil income and our expenses are around $75bn”.

 “Next year, we will have a higher forex income. We have no shortage of foreign exchange and this fluctuation is not long-term,” continued the President.

He said: “We decreased smuggling from $20bn to $12bn and this fight must be permanent”.

“Some problems of the sanctions era, such as banking relations have not resolved yet,” continued the President, adding: “Our country's progress is possible in free, secure atmosphere”.

Stating that the government is responsible to provide peace and welfare for people, he said: “Protest within the framework of the law is accepted but undue tensions and unrest causes concerns for people”.

“Some defrauded people by empty promises of interest but we will fully solve the problem,” Dr Rouhani continued saying.

Stressing that the government has started a comprehensive programme to harness the domestic source of dust, the President said: “Air pollution is one of people's top concerns and I will never forget the people of Khuzestan and other provinces' kindness”.

Our diesel and petrol are different from the past and they are standard now, he said, adding: “We must help the public transportation and renew the vehicles. Renovation of 70,000 polluting lorries will start soon”.

On cyberspace development, the President also said: “Last year, 100,000 mobile phone-based jobs were created and by creating the infrastructure and giving freedom, we will increase employment rate in the cyberspace”.

“I urge the parliament to help the government by ratifying the required laws for generating jobs and eliminating absolute poverty in the budget bill,” continued the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

news id: 102543

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