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President while receiving credentials of the new Cuban Ambassador to Tehran:

Tehran welcomes deepening ties with Havana/Iran against sanction as improper, old tool

President stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran and Cuba are two revolutionary countries with high level of relations, saying: "The Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to deepen ties with Cuban government and we will continue this path".

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Sat 20 - January 2018 - 12:06

President Hassan Rouhani met with the new Ambassador of Cuba to Tehran, Alexis Bandrich Vega, on Saturday to receive his letter of credence and said: "After their revolution, Iran and Cuba have faced common conspiracies and, without a doubt, Imam Khomeini (RA) and Fidel Castro's name are recorded in history as revolution leaders".

Stressing that the Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes development of inclusive relations between the two countries, the President added: "There are good potentials for cementing Tehran-Havana relations in various economic fields, especially in science and energy, and we must take the best advantage of these potentials".

Iran is against using sanctions because they are an improper, old tool, said Rouhani adding: "The Islamic Republic of Iran is opposed to unjust sanctions on independent nations, including Cuba".

The new Ambassador of Cuba to Tehran, Alexis Bandrich Vega, presented his letter of credence to President Rouhani and appreciated Tehran's effective role in establishing peace and security in the region and the world.

He said: "The Islamic Republic of Iran has a special place in Cuba's foreign relations and we are determined to develop our relations and cooperation with Iran in all economic fields, in line with our political relations".

"Cuba believes that establishing inclusive ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran is the best tool to stand up to unjust sanctions against the two countries, and at this time that the United States is intended to impose its opinion on the world, deepening ties between independent, freedom-seeking countries such as Iran and Cuba can be very effective".

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