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President in a meeting with Qatari Parliament Speaker:

Iran to always stand by the Qatari government, nation /Disagreement among neighbours must be resolved by dialogue

President Rouhani emphasised that the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been and will stand by the Qatari government and nation, adding: "Today, there is determination for the development of relations and cooperation between the officials of the two countries, and we must take advantage of the potentials and capabilities to deepen Doha-Tehran relations".

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Tue 16 - January 2018 - 14:20

Dr Hassan Rouhani met with the Speaker of the Advisory Council of Qatar Ahmad bin Abdullah Al Mahmoud on Tuesday, and said: "Iran and Qatar have always been friends and brothers in history, and have proved their brotherhood to each other in hardships and happiness".

Dr Rouhani emphasised: "We believe that any pressure on the Qatari government and people is unacceptable, and if the countries of the region, especially the neighbours have disagreements, these differences should only be resolved by dialogue".

The president said: "Iran is ready to cooperate with the Qatari government and nation and we do not allow the Muslim people of the country to be subjected to unjust and unfair pressures," stating that the political will of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to deepen cooperation and relations with Qatar.

At the same meeting, the Speaker of the Advisory Council of Qatar Ahmad bin Abdullah Al Mahmoud, said: "We are pleased that the ties between Tehran and Doha are based on friendship, fraternity and good neighbourliness and we should try to cement our relations in this direction".

"We believe that problems should be resolved based on dialogue, understanding and friendship," he said.

news id: 102425

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