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With heads of executive and legislative branches taking part;

Joint meeting of gov't economic board, Majlis integration commission held

The Joint meeting of the Economic Board of the Government and the Board of Directors of the Integration Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly was held on Sunday with the Head of the Executive Branch, President Rouhani and the Head of the Legislative Branch, Ali Larijani taking part.

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Sun 14 - January 2018 - 14:25

During the meeting, the important issues regarding the budget bill of year 1397 were discussed.

Vice-President and Head of Plan and Budget Organisation Dr Nobakht said after the meeting: "With regard to the fact that next year's budget bill features important goals such as eliminating poverty and new employment opportunities for 1.33 million people, we planned for these issues".

"To achieve these important goals, we need more cooperation between the parliament and the government, and therefore, the Integration Commission and the Economic Board of the government voiced their determination to render the most effectiveness in 1397 budget bill," he added.

Vice-President Nobakht also went on to say: "The government estimates that next year, around 838 thousand young Iranians will enter the job market, out of whom 630 thousand are university graduates and we need to create jobs not only for these graduates, but also for those who are today among the unemployed".

"Experience has proved that wherever there is more unity and cooperation among the servants of the people and the authorities, people will benefit from its interests more," he added.

news id: 102390

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