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President at the closing ceremony of the 9th Farabi International Award:

Development impossible without progress in humanities, Islamic sciences/ Intellectual, opinion differences must be recognised/Let's respect diversity, disagreements; pressure, mechanical unity perilous for society integrity/ US left alone in violating int'l commitments, JCPOA/JCPOA has achievements that can never be vanished by anybody/It's been one year since Trump trying to kill JCPOA; this means victory of law over dictatorship

President Rouhani described development possible through progress in the humanities and Islamic sciences and stressed: "A kind of science leads us to development if it considers Islamic sciences and humanities as its role model".

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Sun 14 - January 2018 - 10:03

President Hassan Rouhani appeared at the closing ceremony of the 9th Farabi International Award on Sunday in Tehran and said: "Differences in opinions and the way we think must be recognised".

"Let us respect diversity and disagreements," said Rouhani adding: "Pressure and mechanical unity is dangerous for a society's integrity"

Expressing happiness over attending the event and meeting with intellectuals of the humanities and Islamic Sciences, he added: "I am delighted that the time that the humanities and Islamic sciences were influenced by experimental and technical sciences is over".

"Development is not possible without progress in the humanities and Islamic sciences," said the President, continuing: "Proper governance leads the society in the right direction".

Stating that "if the humanities is not the pioneer of society and industry, industry will turn into counter-society" he also went on to say: "Fascists also apparently use knowledge, like those who use nuclear knowledge to destroy societies and humanity".

"A clear example of this is the nuclear industry, which can be used in the interest of society in many sciences and techniques, but incorrect and false use of it can destroy society and humanity," he said.

Dr Rouhani continued: "The fact that the Supreme Leader has prohibited the production and use of weapons of mass destruction means that religion, reason, and ethics should precede knowledge".

He also said: "A science leads us to development if it considers Islamic sciences and humanities as its role model".

Saying that the humanities must guide the society, rather than we guide the humanities, President Rouhani added: "The humanities grow in a free society and in the context of criticism and debate".

"In these couple of weeks, Americans have failed in two issues. One of them is where they wanted to stand against the world's public opinion and undermine international obligations," he continued.

The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran also said: "Commitments in domestic and international stages are of a moral nature, or the law and the proper interface of the humanities; the Americans' attempt to breach these obligations failed. The world stood against the United States. In the last few days, they wanted to violate the international commitments they made in the JCPOA, but you saw the line against it. All countries in the world, apart from one or two countries and a hateful regime, were all integrated against them".

If a commitment fails, we must mourn for civilisation in society and the world, said Rouhani, adding: "As science and industry advances, if we do not respect international regulations and religious and cross-religious values, if a government violates the obligations of the previous government, it loses credibility".

"Failing to violate the obligations and resolutions of the United Nations by the White House is a victory for morality and law," he said, adding that the achievements of the JCPOA can never be vanished by anybody.

The president also stressed that we proved that Iran is truthful and its enemies are liars, saying: "Since the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), oil revenues have doubled and hundreds of foreign investments have been made in Iran".

"The fact that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) announces the closure of the PMD case as a complicated technical and international case, means that Iran has been truthful and the enemies have lied and this victory is everlasting," he added.

Dr Rouhani also went on to say: "The world and the UN acknowledged Iran's right to nuclear research and development; the science of law and politics were leading this success".

"It's been at least one year since Trump has been trying to kill JCPOA; this means the victory of law over dictatorship," he continued saying.

The second failure of the Americans was when they interfered in Iran's internal affairs, said Rouhani adding: "Some people took to the streets and protested rightfully or unrightfully, but I urge everybody to respect all people and if there are people who have been incited and misused these protests with intentions of spying be proved at the court".

One must be more considered when speaking behind holy podiums, the President said, adding: "We must not insult the society. Some took to the street and protested and some misused these protests but we must not hit them all with the same stick, but we must speak more precisely".

Stating that finding the origins of protest and its solution are the responsibility of the scholars of the humanities, Rouhani said: "The humanities and the social sciences are the compass for the society; the north and south cannot be changed by slogans".

Culture is the foundation of all humanities, said the President, adding: "The relationship between doctor and patient is more healing than surgery".

If we are to have administrative and management reform, it is the work of the humanities, the president continued, saying: "If you want cyberspace to be useful to the community, come forward with a solution to promote the culture using it instead of blocking it ".

"Iran and our people are great and high-principled; the mission of the humanities and Islamic sciences is to guide the society towards prosperity," he said.

news id: 102363

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