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President in a meeting with major non-oil exporters:

Trying to create jobs, increase production one of the greatest services to country/Variety in non-oil exports decreases economic vulnerability/Need to develop export markets, their sustainability by creating trust in Iranian products

President Rouhani described attempts by the government to create jobs and increase production as one of the greatest services to the country and the people, saying: "Iranian producers and exporters must build up efforts for more production and employment and introducing Iranian products and brand to the world".

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Sun 07 - January 2018 - 13:34

In the meeting that was held on Sunday with a number of major non-oil exporters of the country, President Hassan Rouhani said: "Attempts by non-oil products exporters to create variety and trust in Iranian exported products is a very essential and valuable move".

Mentioning the risks of single-product export for the country's economy, the President added: "Without a doubt, creating variety in non-oil exports further decreases economic vulnerability".

He also went on to state that keeping Iran's export markets is very important for increasing production and employment, adding: "Rapidity in achieving export markets and paying attention to the quality of the products are very important to keep export markets".

"In exporting a product, what is very important, is paying especial attention to the demands and needs of the end-users and keeping their trust in the product," said Rouhani adding that a product with Iranian brand being trusted in the world is an honour for us.

Dr Rouhani also highlighted the need to search for ways to save resources, especially water, reducing costs and building trust in investment for producers and exporters.

The President also ordered the Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade and the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, as well as the Governor of the Central Bank to take measures to increase costs so that the exporters of state and private sectors can directly export their products to target countries.

news id: 102297

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